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Censorship of Ethical Extraterrestrial intelligences linked to the perpetuation of a greed-driven economy

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Compiled by Jim Marrs

  Censorship of Ethical Extraterrestrial intelligences
Censorship of Ethical Extraterrestrial intelligences.

UFOs appeared to utilize advanced technology not only in flight but in energy, metallurgy, computer science and communications. Therefore, they were not only perceived at those high levels as a threat to U.S. and allied defence systems but also a threat to the monopolies in energy, medicine, basic resources and telecommunications enjoyed by these secret society members. I mean, who would meekly continue to pay ever-increasing prices for polluting fossil fuels if they knew for certain that a clean and abundant alternative was available? Why spend billions on cancer research if a cure was already possible?

Hence, from the standpoint of the highest rulers of Western society, it was absolutely necessary to sidetrack any meaningful perception of UFOs on the part of the American public. After all, to have everyone thinking about life on Earth from a overall standpoint might cause many to question conventional politics, foreign policy, organized religion and multinational corporate business. It was a policy needed to maintain the staus quoand proved rather effective for more than a half century.


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November 17, 2009 at 4:38 am

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