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Ethical and progressive “UFO beings” versus destructive ones are parts of “ying and yang” in the universe

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by Ron Thorpe

As with all things there is “yin and yang” in ET manifestations. Negative Extraterrestrials (ETs) provide technologies which are used for destructive purposes. ‘Ethical/beneficent ETs’ refuse to provide access to technology which could be used by Earthbound-elites to further oppress humanity, or destroy planet Earth in general. Destructive and oppressive influences have snowballed into the intolerable situation of the day.

What most don’t realize about the beneficent ETs, is that they are our forefathers and therefore have a stake in our protection. Many times in the last 50 years the trigger has been pulled by the dark ones, and because of the intervention by our “space families” the popgun destructive capabilities of the dark world controllers have been somewhat neutralized, and as they have promised this will continue to be so.

The fact is that the Benevolent ones are at present, nullifying the effects of radioactivity on the battlefields as well as steering away dangerous asteroids and space debris. This has been captured on video, with space craft blasting large chunks of rock before they hit the Earth.

The political displays of the world controllers are so convoluted and full of deceit and corruption that one shouldn’t take them too seriously or it becomes impossible to retain a positive attitude under the constant onslaught of negativity.

We should realize that there is hope for a better future, than what presently appears possible. However, by following the various subversive movements, with the hope of, say, voting in a better government or finding a cure for cancer or keeping the auto industry alive by converting to another form of combustible material, is in my estimation a waste of time.

There is no political party that you could vote for that could actually change anything for the better. Democratic processes in the industrialized west have by and large been undermined by manipulative elites, to be little more than “political theatre”. This apparent “political theatre” is designed to give “the masses” the illusion that they have substantive political representation.

But take note that it is apparent that the ‘frequency’ of our planet is rising. This can be proven by science.

Raise your own vibrations of consciousness associated with peace, wisdom, and love. By seeking and speaking truth and through forgiveness and compassion and you will ride into the new Earth, Terra Nova and begin the Golden Age of Humankind a whole being. The dark ones will dissolve of their own destructive energies and be removed from here forever as only the higher thought forms can continue the upward trend. Welcome to the new world.


Written by thecanadianheadlines

November 17, 2009 at 3:17 am

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