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Scientists discover distant planets with reputed Human extraterrestrial life

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They can travel with gravitational radiation. They can speed up to three hundred times the speed of light.

  Pleiadian Human Extraterrestrial auhtenticated spacecraft
Photo of Off-world Pleiadian Human Extraterrestrial auhtenticated spacecraft in the Swiss Alps. Reference: Billy Meier.

“The Lyran and Vegan system are the main sources of ‘local’ advanced extraterrestrial UFOs.” the India Daily reports. Reputed spiritually and technologically advanced Human Extraterrestrials from this constellation use electromagnetic flux when they enter Earth’s atmosphere. “They come to see Earth as a site of History because they evolved the same way as us except they are type II and we are Type Zero. They are advanced by a 0.5 million years than us,” technology and science research staff of the India Daily says.

Lyran spacecraft “can speed up to three hundred times the speed of light”, the India Daily further reports.

Some remote viewers see these advanced extraterrestrials as visiting the Earth regularly. Interestingly the remote viewers say they come from prospering rich planets which are invisible from Earth. These stealth planets are artificially created by the Type IV extra terrestrial civilizations many years after the big bang was created.

Like Earth these stealth planets around Vega are just made to suit intelligent life forms.

“According to remote viewers, the Earth civilization will eventually become like the civilization around Vega in Lyra,” the India Daily reports.

“Billy” Meier presents scientists with documented accounts of contact with the Pleiadians. Eduard Albert Meier was born in Bülach, Switzerland on February 3, 1937. For over 56 years, he has maintained a series of physical and telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial beings who claim they come from specifically, the Plejares star cluster.

On January 28, 1975, he began a series of over 100 contacts with Semjase, a female Pleiadian/Plejaran. During several contacts Mr. Meier was allowed to photograph her “beamship” during flight maneuvers. He took over 1,000 of the clearest UFO pictures ever seen. The Pleiadian presented interesting accounts on Earth history, humanities, sciences and spiritual topics. Since 1989, Mr. Meier has been having approximately four contacts a year with Ptaah, the father of Semjase, and has had over 250 contacts to date.

J. Watson and F. Crick (right)
Artist representation of Semjase who Exo-scientists indicate is a Pleiadian woman. Reference:

Swiss-based exo-scientists indicate that “The Pleiadian/Plejaran (Play-yar-en) star system exists in a physical dimension that is shifted a fraction of a second ahead of our space-time configuration and is located approximately 500 light-years away from Earth. The Pleiadians are humans who reside on their home world called “Erra,” which is almost as large as Earth. Erra is one of ten planets that circle their sun, Tayget. The Plejaran system is millions of years older than “our” Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus Constellation. The Pleiades that we see in our night sky are about 420 light-years from Earth and consist of approximately 250 hot, blue stars that are still very young and incapable of sustaining life in either a coarse material or spiritual form.

“The truth and origin regarding the Pleiadians’ real name of Plejarans was deliberately withheld from us at the Pleiadians’ request until February 1995, when they officially withdrew all of their bases from Earth. It was their intention to assist Billy Meier in exposing those people fraudulently claiming to be in contact with “Pleiadians,” either in a physical or spiritual form. (For reasons of familiarity, we continue to refer to them as “Pleiadians” in most of our publications and throughout this web site.) The Pleiadians look very similar to us for we all share a common ancestry,” says theses Swiss-based exo-scientists.

Their forefathers, therefore our ancestors, originated in the Lyra-Vega Star Systems and they have been sporadically visiting Earth for over 22 million years. “Some of these ancient visitors are responsible for influencing the development of Earth’s humankind, often with disastrous results,” say Swiss-based exo-scientists.

“Today’s Pleiadians feel jointly responsible for the actions of their forefathers,” exo-scientists say, “And have been gradually seeking to assist us in our rediscovery of the path to a lifestyle of truth. The Pleiadians, Semjase, Ptaah and Quetzal, as well as many other people in their alliance of planets, are bringing their knowledge and wisdom to the people of Earth.” These exo-scientists further add, in association with the authenticated representations of Mr. Meier that “it is our prerogative as individuals and as a global human community to listen to or dismiss their important and universally valid messages. The choice is ours.”


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November 17, 2009 at 4:19 am

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  1. My thinking is that we are earthman living alone on one among 9 planets in our solar system and our solar system is one among milions systems in one galaxy, we call it a solar system galaxy. We still think to ourselve side that it’s ours but millions of galaxies form milky way and we think to our side agian to call it our solar system milky way. Millions of milky ways is infinity to the wide spread of universe, a pace(= wide gap). Why shouldn’t be any ET, UFO that perhaps much more higher I.Q. from the outer systems invading this Earth Globe, a small planet of this one of a solar system.


    January 9, 2010 at 7:48 pm

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