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Manipulative Extraterrestrials, 9/11 and the architects of World War II

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by Dr. John Singh

  Richard Dolan
Richard Dolan.

Years after the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy, investigative researchers continue to claim that appreciating the so-called “War on Terror” requires a fresh perspective. Richard M. Dolan’s insights, suggest that 9/11 may be appreciated by understanding it as a continuation of World War II. Dr. John Lash further inspires humanity to consider 9/11 as consistent with the alien intrusions documented by the ancient Pagan Gnostics. You might quickly respond, with a question like. Say what? World War II ended in 1945. And besides that, I don’t “believe” in all this “alien talk”. The numerous evidence of established credible eyewitnesses to either seeing or having been abducted by aliens, might counterpoise, to the effect that it is not a question of “belief”, but a question of acknowledging documented evidence.

Dr. Lash documents the pre-Christian Bible era Pagan Gnostics, as firstly, seeking to identity a group of Manipulative Extraterrestrials; and secondly, seeking to document how the Pagan Gnostics detected the alien intrusion of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials; and thirdly, how humanity can defend its free will and destiny from being deviated by these aliens. Dr. John Lash’s research suggests that Pagan Gnostic might have regarded 9/11 as an act of aliens that the Gnostics identified by using the Greek word “Archons”, which means rulers. In this opinion article, we shall also refer to that group as “the Deceivers”, in the use of perhaps a more modern word. Pagan Gnostic insights refer to “the Deceivers” as an alien artificial-based intelligence from a lower dimensional consciousness that seeks to operate in the elite-driven pyramidic functioning of corrupted human institutions.

Adolf Hilter has been documented as a contactee of an Extraterrestrial group which is consistent with the Pagan Gnostic description of “the Deceivers”. Dolan in turn, links 9/11 to a similar criminal consciousness that had inspired the Reichstag Fire, that was used to correspondingly launch a parallel context of oppression, genocide, and aggressive war.

Dolan’s research inspires readers to further critically think. Now, for most of the world, World War II ended in 1945. But, for others, World War II may have only been viewed as a set-back, that provided an “opportunity” to re-group.

Indeed, Dolan’s insights inspires open minded readers to consider whether ideologues seeking world domination would simply give up all of their ambitions, as humanity is being led to believe. Dolan refers to “9/11 as America’s version of the Reichstag Fire”. LINK

Indeed, scholars of the 9/11 Truth movement have provided voluminous documentation that the accused terrorists were simply incapable of evading America’s military defence infrastructure. Furthermore, engineers testify that the World Trade Centre was specifically designed to withstand such a terrorist impact from the air using aeroplanes. Other scholars who have analyzed the video of the destruction of the World Trade Center suggest that the building “disintegrated” like by the “controlled demolition” techniques used get rid of old buildings. Other eyewitnesses testify that they heard explosives go off in the building while they were seeking to escape. Such accounts are a part of numerous discrepancies documented by the 9/11 Truth movement. Essentially, 9/11 Truth activists suggests that, in the style of the Nazis after the Reichstag Fire, Muslim scapegoats were used to justify a pre-planned war of aggression.

9/11 Truth activists suggest that there has further been a concerted effort to thwart any impartial investigation of the alleged link between 9/11 and Islamic terrorist cells. The new U.S. President Barack Obama administration, has further sought to intensify a war in the Afghanistan and Pakistan, that may have been launched through fabrications.

Official accounts on 9/11 requires individuals to disregard every single piece of documentation unearthed by 9/11 scholars, independent investigative researchers and eyewitness accounts. Official accounts requires in individuals who are presented with such voluminous evidence, to totally disregard it, and to have “blind faith” in the architects of an aggressive war, now responsible in the deaths of over one million Iraqis alone, in addition to other innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Dr. Lash documents the Pagan Gnostics as refering to “the Deceivers” as regressive aliens that indeed sought to use “blind faith” to inspire humanity to disregard critical human faculties of reason and analysis in favour of accepting established erroneous orthodoxies as “truth”.

Dolan’s insights inspires America and the world to appreciate 9/11 in light of the following kind of representation presented by a CBS website:

  [A]gencies ignored the murky pasts of alleged Nazi collaborators living in the United States because the government saw them as useful during the Cold War, according to newly released records…. The government saw Nazi sympathizers as useful in countering any pro- communist leanings in immigrant communities in the United States LINK



The CBS article suggests a Neo-Nazi inspired alliance against the former Soviet Union. It is a well documented historically that many American industrials sympathized with the Nazis, and sought to fund and otherwise back the Nazis against America’s own soldiers fighting for freedoms. Leo Strauss was a well documented intellectual sympathizer, or numerous other documented sympathizers to “the Deceivers”, that would apparently seek to infiltrate and socially re-engineer American society at all levels, toward the re-launching of a Globalist “Eugenics War”. Dolan suggests that 9/11 might be “the Deceivers” way of presenting themselves to humanity similar to an ego-driven serial criminal who intentionally seeks an audience.

Recommended reference:   Manipulative Extraterrestrials influenced Adolf Hitler, scholars suggest, LINK


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