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Scientific and Historical research provide critical insights into some reported encounters with intelligent Extraterrestrial life

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by Paul Chen

  Jacques Vallee
Mars [left] and other planets in our solar system may be inhabited by subsurface colonies of intelligent inorganic life. Jacques Vallee. Ph.D. [right] is a French born researcher of UFO and Extraterrestrials.

Humans on Earth have been preoccupied with searching for other intelligent life that is organic in the universe. However, scientific research has presented evidence of life-like structures that arise from inorganic substances in space. To thrive on Earth intelligent inorganic life would not need, for example, air, and a variety of other vital organic features for life. The implications of this research are that apparently organically “dead” planets like Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, along with moons in this solar system could be inhabited by colonies of intelligent and inorganic life. Accordingly, some UFOs could in fact be spacecraft from colonies of neighbouring planets of Earth, and their moons. In other words, scientific research now supports the plausibility of various testimonies that have been made of such intelligent and apparently inorganic life in our solar system.

Indeed, the ancient Gnostics also warned of the existence of such inorganic entities that were observed to be jealous of humanity, and in the process, sought to use their technologies to manipulate, control, and enslave humanity.

Could extraterrestrial life be made of corkscrew-shaped particles of interstellar dust? The findings hint at the possibility that life beyond earth may not necessarily use carbon-based molecules as its building blocks. Life on Earth is organic. It is composed of organic molecules, which are simply the compounds of carbon, excluding carbonates and carbon dioxide. The idea that particles of inorganic dust may take on a life of their own is in itself, nothing short of alien, and goes beyond the silicon-based life forms favoured by some science fiction stories.

Now, an international team has discovered that under the right conditions, particles of inorganic dust can become organised into helical structures. These structures can then interact with each other in ways that are usually associated with organic compounds and life itself.

V. N. Tsytovich of the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science, in Moscow, working with colleagues there, and at the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany, and the University of Sydney, Australia, has studied the behaviour of complex mixtures of inorganic materials in a plasma.

Plasma is essentially the fourth state of matter beyond solid, liquid and gas, in which electrons are torn from atoms leaving behind a miasma of charged particles.

Until now, physicists assumed that there could be little organisation in such a cloud of particles. However, Mr. Tsytovich and his colleagues demonstrated, using a computer model of molecular dynamics, that particles in a plasma can undergo self-organization as electronic charges become separated and the plasma becomes polarized. This effect results in microscopic strands of solid particles that twist into corkscrew shapes, or helical structures. These helical strands are themselves electronically charged and are attracted to each other.

Quite “bizarrely”, not only do these helical strands interact in a counterintuitive way in which like can attract like, but they also undergo changes that are normally associated with biological molecules, such as DNA and proteins, say the researchers [Reference: New Journal of Physics, August 2007]. They can, for instance, divide, or bifurcate, to form two copies of the original structure. These new structures can also interact to induce changes in their neighbours and they can even evolve into yet more structures as less stable ones break down, leaving behind only the fittest structures in the plasma.

So, could helical clusters formed from interstellar dust be somehow alive? “These complex, self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter,” says Tsytovich, “they are autonomous, they reproduce and they evolve”.

He adds that the plasma conditions needed to form these helical structures are common in outer space. However, plasmas can also form under more down to earth conditions such as the point of a lightning strike. The researchers hint that perhaps an inorganic form of life emerged on the primordial earth, which then acted as the template for the more familiar organic molecules we know today.

The Gnostic contribution to appreciating Intelligent Inorganic Life

John Lash
John Lash.

Ancient Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons, reports John Lash in association with the Marion Institute documents in Gnostic teaching, explains that these entities arose in the early stage of formation of the solar system, before the Earth was formed. Archons inhabit the solar system, the extraterrestrial realm as such, but they can intrude on Earth.

Interestingly, this Gnostic insight accords closely with the view of Jacques Vallee, who maintains that ET/cyborgs probably belong to the local planetary realm. Vallee also proposes that the Manipulative ET/UFO enigma is a “spiritual control system,” a phenomenon that “behaves like a conditioning process.” [Messengers of Deception].

This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons: they can affect our minds by subliminal conditioning techniques. Their main tactics are mental error (intellectual virus, or false ideology, especially through organized religious dogma and doctrines), and simulation. Archons are predatory, and are unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings also known to the Gnostics, who are benevolent or neutral toward humanity.

Gnostics taught that these entities, envy us and feed on our fear. Above all, they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light,” the gift of divine intelligence within. While John Lash, a learned scholar on Gnostic research, would not claim that Gnostic teachings on the Archons, or what remains of such teachings, have all the answers to the ET/UFO enigma; but one thing is clear: Gnostics present a coherent and comprehensive analysis of alien intrusion, as well as specific practices for resisting it. “They are far more complete and sophisticated than any theory in discussion today”, indicates Mr. Lash. A useful list of following key points has been derived from an interview given by John Lash to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, 19 March 2005, article reference from Malou Zeitlin and Gerry Zeitlin in “Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The Controller Agenda”, LINK:

  • The Gnostics were seers, initiates, and shamans. They practiced many psychic arts and developed them to a very high degree. They developed “Siddhis”. They were remote viewers.
  • They were stargazers and cosmologists. Their history of the solar system matches modern understanding in remarkable ways.
  • They obtained their picture through direct observation.
  • A massive and deliberate destruction of their documents, including the burning of the library at Alexandria, took place from 150 CE, to the middle ages. Only the Nag Hammadi Library documents survive.
  • They knew the structure of the Galaxy (the “pleroma”) and the position of our solar system within it.
  • Occasionally, the Galactic core emits plasmatic surges.
  • There are “tunnels” within our Galaxy. He says that astronomers discovered these in 2003.
  • The surges can give rise to certain forms of life.
  • From their perspective, before the earth became a living environment, the solar system surrounded it like a crust.
  • Early in the life of our solar system, a galactic surge produced a wave that created inorganic forms.
  • The earth is “captured” within this solar system.
  • Our solar system is largely “inorganic”. Only the earth within it is “organic”.
  • The picture corresponds to today’s Gaia Hypothesis (Lovelock and Margulis) in which the earth is the only planet with a biologically alive atmosphere.
  • Other solar systems have biospheres similar to the earth.
  • The Gnostics were specifically concerned with “alien” intrusions.
  • They described two types of aliens: reptilian and the “embryo” type that can be equated to modern “Greys”.
  • They called the aliens “archons” (Greek: authorities).
  • These are equivalent to the “watchers” described in The Book of Enoch.
  • Archons were formed in the early stage of the solar system. Therefore they are inorganic beings.
  • The Gnostics concluded that the archons are bullies. A predatory species.
  • According to the “First Apocalypse of James” (from the Nag Hammadi texts), “They will take away souls by theft.” We would use the term “abduction”.
  • The Archons are still with us.
  • They are neither more powerful nor more evolved than we are.
  • They lack our evolutionary drive. They are like cyborgs; a robotic race that can imitate but not innovate.
  • From the Second Apocalypse of James: “They are not over you but they are in the solar system with you and you must take account of that.”
  • They must be kept in their place. They don’t observe their correct boundaries. Life on earth depends on observing boundaries. They intrude.
  • They envy us. They intrude into our reality and try to be like us. They envy our ability to innovate. That we are driven, goal-oriented. They are robotic. They lack what we have.
  • They operate only by imitation and by taking orders. They do not have our “intention”.
  • They describe the archons as “engineers” and “mechanics” who live in the solar system, and seek to maintain it for themselves.
  • The Archons are delusional and those who are associated with them become delusional.
  • The most important thing about them is the way they intrude into our minds.
  • Their technique of intrusion and mind control makes use of simulation. The coptic word for this is “HAL”.
  • The intrusion probably plays a great role in mental illness.
  • They make something appear to happen that does not actually happen. They can induce a virtual reality experience.
  • Some mentally-ill people have perceived the archons but cannot deal with the experience. Gnostics taught how to deal with them.
  • Certain religious beliefs such as divine redeemer / messiah are injected delusions.
  • They observe our emotions as if they could absorb them and use them as their own.
  • They feed on our fear. It’s an energy that “gives them a kick” like a drug.
  • The word for “terror” occurs frequently. It is connected with “error”.
  • What they are attempting is absurd. They can’t succeed, but they are driven to do it anyway.
  • Jacques Vallee: “The way to a man’s belief is through absurdity.”
  • They can’t overpower us but we can abdicate.

Expanding on that last point, Lash writes:


  In their attempt to intrude upon humanity, which has been ongoing for millennia, the Archons use a lot of bluff and bravado. they affect our minds to get us to believe they can do far more than they can actually do, but in so believing, we unwittingly surrender our power to them — the result is, they get their way with us, because we have betrayed our own capacities. Hence the Archons claim to rule over humanity, and even pretend to have been our creators, as is recounted in the Sumerian cunieform record of the Annunaki, accepted as true by Zecharia Sitchin and many other sincere investigators. The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947 at the very moment the Nag Hammadi texts were initially recognized to be rare gnostic materials, contain explicit accounts of direct threats posed by reptilians.


Concerning the Sumerian cuneiform record, “accepted as true by Zecharia Sitchin and many other sincere investigators”, John Lash points out that the Gnostics did not accept that record so easily. They knew these were recorded by scribes and pointed out that scribes were not historians, after all. They were skilled artisans, labouring in service to ruling families, officials, and high priests. What they wrote had been dictated to them by their superiors in that theocratic society. And to Lash and the Pagan Gnostics, “theocracy” is a red flag.

Putting it bluntly, to the Gnostics, the creation of humanity via Annunaki intervention, along with other ancient creation myths, was a delusion transmitted by Archons through their channels.


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