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Researcher claims Apollo footage faked to hide UFOs and evidence of Extraterrestrials

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by Dave Cosnette [Excerpted]

I believe that the Apollo footage that has been released by NASA seems to be a hoax. I have uncovered various pictures and transcripts of astronaut conversations from the Apollo missions that relate to encounters with UFOs, and perhaps this is one reason why NASA would release fake footage to the general public.

Excerpts of conversations from Apollo Astronauts on the Moon to Mission Control show that the Astronauts came across some strange and hard-to-explain structures and unusual sightings of unidentified craft whilst on the surface of the Moon. LINK.

Why is it that relatively few people have been allowed total access to the massive NASA archives (photographs which are supposedly in the public domain). Instead we have to make do with the two or three dozen ‘reproductions’ that appear in the ‘official’ textbooks, despite literally millions of photographic images obtained by NASA. Something is seriously amiss. Also the original photographs are huge (32″ x 24″) so by the time they have been reduced to fit the pages of a regular book the clarity and quality reduced by the copying process make most of the images pretty meaningless. In many cases, researchers are left with little more than ‘smudges’ and ‘blurs’.

Even so, despite all these obstacles, there is still hard evidence when these photographs are scrutinized under the proverbial – and literal – microscope, that points to the fact that virtually everything NASA has told us about the moon is a lie.

The real NASA Moon photos, for example show all kinds of structures, seemingly both old and new, such as domes, pipelines, and even pyramids. So why aren’t these photos in the public domain? You can see in several of NASA’s film footage, the American flag ‘flapping in the wind’ and yet the Moon according to NASA has no atmosphere, because it is a vacuum! One film clearly shows a desperate astronaut trying his level best to hold the flag still!

We are also told that the famous Neil Armstrong ‘footprints’ will remain etched on the Moon’s surface forever. We are told this precisely because the Moon’s ‘atmosphere’ is a vacuum. The laws of physics demand that dust becomes hardened and will compress in a ‘vacuum’ therefore ensuring the ‘footprints’ remain undisturbed. And yet great plumes of dust can be seen spewing forth from underneath the ‘Moon Buggy’ as it travels across the lunar surface. Is this ‘vacuum theory’ some kind of wild hoax by NASA?

Another NASA cover-up are the small cloud formations that have been photographed above the Moon, again in a vacuum?. And while were on the subject of clouds what about the ONE HUNDRED MILE WIDE CLOUD OF VAPOUR that was detected by NASA’s own instruments. This embarrassing ‘anomaly’ was promptly dismissed by NASA scientists as being the result of the considerable volume of urine ejected by the Apollo Mission astronauts! What were they drinking?!

For decades strange ‘lights’ and artificial seeming structures have been observed and recorded on the Moon by amateur astronomers. Science writer Joseph Goodavage observed that over two hundred white ‘dome shaped’ structures had been seen and catalogued, only for them often to vanish and reappear somewhere else?. There are even colour photos from the Apollo 8 missions that clearly show evidence of green vegetation on the lunar hills.

These unusual findings, when added together with the anomalies which Richard Hoagland has shown to exist on Apollo Moon photographs, provide compelling evidence for an ongoing NASA cover-up of what the Apollo Astronauts really discovered on the Moon from 1969 to 1972. LINK.

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

November 25, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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