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Americans from California document alien encounter

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Edited by Albert Rosales

A few minutes after getting home from Ashland High School in Mendocino, California, in the afternoon of 14 December 2007, Adrian Rehn heard a knock on the door. He opened the door and it was one of his friends, Alex Nagel, who asked him to come with him.

All of the sudden his body began to vibrate and then suddenly he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was seated in a white room. Two of his friends, Wes Overland and Alex were there and said, “We’re not on Earth.”

The dome of the room opened and revealed that they were drifting in space.

Adrian reports that he could clearly see planet Earth from his position and they said that they had been chosen to be bearer of tidings to our race, that there is another people similar to ours that have come to help them. These Extraterrestrials said they “had been on Earth for ten years and that they are some of the few survivors of a planet that’s history started around three million years before our own.” These Extraterrestrials also indicated to their temporary human captives that they “create ships that could sustain them for many years, but also created a super weapon that detonated before most of the planet’s inhabitants could escape. ”

These Extraterrestrials “appear to be very similar to us”; and reported to the California students that they “had been unable to reproduce on our planet, due to bad environmental conditions.” They also reported to California students that they have a life span around five times longer than ours, though many of them have died as their immune system was unready for some of our diseases.

These Extraterrestrials passed upon the message to their temporary human captives, that humanity help them find a way to reproduce in return for helping aide our politicians from making the same mistakes that cost them their planet.

Adrian again blacked out and then found himself in his room when he regained consciousness.

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November 29, 2009 at 7:10 am

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