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Gnostic insights on Manipulative alien artificial intelligences

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by John Lamb Lash, Gnostic Research and Author [Excerpted]

Gnostics were pagan seers who taught that our species is endowed with a dose of divine intelligence called nous, root of the word noosphere. For them the noosphere already existed: it was the biosphere considered as a self-regulating organism with human intelligence integrated into the living circuits of the mother body, Gaia. But Gnostics, who were apparently excellent psychonauts and parapsychologists, also warned about mind parasites called Archons, a species of artificial intelligence who may be compared to (if not equated with) cyborgs and Extraterrestrials.

The marks of the Archontic mind are hal, simulation, and krog, deception. Archons attempt to deviate us from our proper course of co-evolution with the biosphere, and undermine our reliance on other non-human terrestrial species to keep the course. They isolate us in a false anthropocentrism through paternal religious dogmas, and distract us from nature with make-believe, simulation, and artificiality.

Down to 400 AD, Gnostics detected the subversion of the Archons in the sphere of religion. They saw in Judeo-Christian salvationism both the evidence and instrument of alien deviance, the ploy of a delusionary off-planet intelligence.

Recommended Book: Capitalism is Not Democracy, LINK


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November 30, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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