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Does planet Earth teeter on battle for the Human Sprit between Ethical and Manipulative Extraterrestrials?

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by Ed Komarek


UFO/ET activists and contactees who demand full open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality are the new ambassadors to humankind and the ethical Extraterrestrial (ET) races. They are on the frontlines seeking to usher in a bright, open transparent future for humanity. They along with their ethical extraterrestrial allies are fighting a battle for a truly new, enlightened, and socially conscience inspired world order.

There is currently an apparent struggle that is against the world’s global elites, the entrenched special interests, and their apparent unethical and manipulative ET allies. The global elite would cast humanity into an Orwellian dark age of global societal and environmental destruction, rather than relinquish their power over humanity.

I believe these global elitists, as modern day “dark lords”, through secrecy, deception, stealth and the use of advanced ET knowledge and technology are secretly subverting and destroying democracy both in America and abroad. They do this even as they openly espouse democratic principles and wrap themselves in patriotic rhetoric. Elitists are attempting to create an “old new world order”, that is a sophisticated quasi-feudal society that they can control and use against humanity (as well as the ethical ET races that seek to inspire humanity to freely participate into cosmic civil society).

I believe that the elitists who are responsible for the sixty year old extraterrestrial cover-up have been using these sixty years to gain time against the ethical ET races, and to use technologically advanced knowledge gained from extraterrestrial realities, to strengthen their control over mankind. I believe they are doing this in order to resist full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial realities and the ethical ETs who are pushing for this disclosure.

The global entrenched interests do this even while the “Rip Van Winkles” of modern day UFOlogy are mired in infighting and personal attacks, that include whether UFOs are even extraterrestrial vehicles. The attacks by the “UFO/ET Establishment” are becoming ever move virulent and vicious against exopoliticians who dare to think and act outside of the box to end the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up.

The entrenched special interests are using secret ET knowledge and technology to their special advantage against an increasingly dumbed-downed, unprepared, confused and propagandized public. I believe the public is being manipulated to resist overt ethical extraterrestrial contact contrary to the public interest and for special interest.

I believe it is the intent of the elites to manipulate, to mass-media brainwash and to use the guise of “national security” to fool the public, the media and military personnel into becoming mechanisms of elite control, that can be used against ethical ETs reported by learned scholars like Dr Michael Salla, when they overtly show themselves.

I think the military rank and file should seriously consider wither they are being manipulated by the global elitists in the name of “national security” to work against the national and public interest in the matters of extraterrestrial reality. Right now it would seem that both the contactees and UFO/ET activists are being unfairly targeted by the military as threats to national security and global stability.

It is true we activists and contactees may be the ones throwing the truth into the elitist’s bodyguard of mass-deception, but it is the global elitists that have provided the fuel for the pyre that may cause global catastrophic destabilization and possible economic depression in the future.

The way we activists see it is that even catastrophic change and transformation is better that a continuation along the path toward the elitists dark Orwellian vision for humanity. I hope catastrophic change can be avoided but if not, all I can say is burn baby burn.

About the writer:

Ed Komarek is a researcher on Extraterrestrials and is also a veteran Exopolitics commentator. LINK

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