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Floridians witness apparent alien parachuting

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Compiled by Albert Rosales

Location. Miami Lakes, Florida
Date: 1 January 2007, Time: 4:30 PM

Alien parachutist?

On a clear and beautiful sunny day while outside barbecuing the witnesses looked up to see a round black object with a silvery lining floating above their house. It floated for about 10-15 minutes and then slowly went up into the clouds and disappeared. Five minutes later another object appeared, this one was first round and silver, but suddenly changed into a tube shape, gold in color, it then went back to being round and silver with four round spinning objects around its circumference. The object kept changing back and forth and sat there for about 10 minutes. Neither one of the objects ever made a sound. Suddenly several military jets began going over the house and the object floated up and disappeared in plain sight. Soon after that the witnesses spotted a black object dropping straight down from the sky into a field across the street. It came down really fast and sort of resembled the figure of a man parachuting, but without an actual parachute. It looked like a tall black figure with two legs, but the upper body was indistinct. The witness then apparently lost sight of the figure. Military jets continued to fly around for about half an hour and then left.

Reference: NUFORC

About the writer:

Albert Rosales

Mr. Rosales is a veteran researcher on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. He can be contacted using email, LINK  Albert Rosales coordinates LINK

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