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Pagan Gnostics suggest Extraterrestrial minions spawning Counterfeit Environmentalism

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by Ian Mackenzie

  Frank de Jong
Frank de Jong is the leader of the Green Party of Ontario. Much of the leadership of Green Parties and large environmental organizations, are apologists of capitalism.

The article titled “Humanity must free itself from Manipulative Extraterrestrial mimicry Gnostics suggests”, explores learned and other researched testimony on regressive aliens. LINK It has been alleged by ancient and modern testimony, that ‘human mimics’ or “shapeshifters” have sought to operate within a broader context of an artificial-intelligence-inspired simulated reality.

The purpose of mimicry specifically, and the broader context of simulated reality, has been an alleged agenda to deceive, exploit, divide, rule, conquer, and eventually destroy humanity. It aims to feed an ego-driven agenda.

When considering the environmental crisis both in Canada, and as a global phenomenon, many people would name the famous culprits. Big Oil transnational companies have been frequently exposes by environmental groups, for pursuing a greed-driven agenda against environmental “sustainability”. The Alberta Tar Sands, has been an evocative example of Big Oil’s path of destruction on the environment. Resistance to the Kyoto Protocol by the Prime Minister Stephen Harper government in Canada, has been used by environmental groups to draw the public’s attention to the current Canadian government being a co-culprit in the plight of our environment.

But, critical examination of the broad message of environmental movements, suggests that the elites that orchestrate the messages of these organizations may very well, be at the root of humanity’s continuing spiral into a planetary destruction of vital ecosystems.

Indeed, most so-called environmental activists, along with their official organizations, are selling “fake” or “cop-out environmentalism”, as if the acceptance of their approaches would lead to an enduring stabilization of deteriorating ecosystems. These “simulated activists” seek to convince “the masses” that their approaches represent their cure-all to our environmental woes.

The use of corn
The use of corn as so-called “renewable” and “clean” energy, while the quality-of-living of many hundreds of millions of people suffer on a daily basis, from a lack of food, is categorically unethical.

Upon critical evaluation, it is arguably apparent that the approaches of large environmental groups, would treat, by and large, symptoms of our environmental woes rather than the causes. As a result, the elites of environmental organizations, have frustrated the development of the kind of environmental consciousness, that would be necessary for there to be a responsible societal transformation, toward human custodianship of vital ecosystems.

The idea of “sustainable development” that is proselytized by environmental elites is a scam, in behalf of “sustainable market profit” interests, that is designed to fool the masses into the belief that capitalism can be tamed to complement environmental objectives. However, the elites of environmental organizations have apparently sold their soul out to “philanthropic” capitalists who seek to co-opt these organizations. Having sold their soul out to capitalistocracy, environmental groups spread messages which reflect the social control agenda of sellers-of-souls.

Campaigns for “Biofuels” like ethanol, is an other example of a message that is being spread by “simulated environmental activists”. Biofuels are made from not only further destroying Nature in general; but are also converting potential vital food sources needed for billions by starving people globally, into fuel. Biofuels, are categorically unethical. Biofuels, are another form of “counterfeit environmentalism” funded by the very political-military-industrial complex that is linked to Petroleum corporate interests, and to the targets of the regressive aliens. It is apparent that Biofuels are part of a Eugenic depopulation and exploitation agenda that researchers like John Lash through the ancient Gnostics documentation, have linked to demonic alien consciousnesses.

  Sustanaible development
The environmental movement has become by and large a legitimator of capitalism, through “sustanaible development” rhetoric, and other forms of apparent disinformation.

The article titled “Humanity must free itself from Manipulative Extraterrestrial mimicry Gnostics suggests”, explores the extent to which Manipulative Extraterrestrials, allegedly seek to infiltrate human institutions through the use of ‘human mimics’, with an alien agenda. LINK Gnostics suggest that elite-driven organizations, harbour egomaniacal tendencies which make them vulnerable to regressive alien manipulations. The Gnostics specifically referred to these regressive aliens as ’Archons’.

The typical gatherings of environmental groups ranging from the Green Party to groups like the Sierra Club are within the ossified confines of the same kind of officious stuffy meetings, that one can find being conducted in Canada’s largest corporations, and in government. The leaders of these environmental groups reflect the same kind of mentalities found in the political-military-industrial complex, that has been accused of frustrating progressive environmental change.

Mare Orientale Crater: Click to Enlarge

Capitalism, as an administrative system, which creates a context of predatory exploitation and of legitimated greed, must be replaced by a mutual and by a empathy-driven context, before any kind of progressive environmental change can take place. Furthermore, campaigns conducted by environmental groups, which are directed at getting people to change their light bulbs, are part of a public relations gimmick being executed by “simulated activists”. These “simulated activists” as operatives of an elite-agenda, seek to drown out the messages of sincere counter-culture activists who seek to spread critical awareness about capitalism, as a fundamental ecological threat to human quality-of-survival.

“Simulated activists” are arguably, the “Trojan horses” of environmental movements. Such so-called “activists” act consistent with alleged ‘human mimics’ in relation to simulated reality that is elaborated in “Humanity must free itself from Manipulative Extraterrestrial mimicry Gnostics suggests”. LINK Simulated activists appear to engage in political theatric presentation of themselves, as great champions for change, even though their apparent real agenda is to defend the legitimacy of capitalism.

Capitalism in fact, works against the elevation of human consciousness toward a progressive social ecological transformation. This is because capitalism promotes a culture of crass materialism which results in the treatment the environment as simply untapped resources that may be exploited in behalf of economic “prosperity”. The effort by environmentalists, to campaign for “sustainable development” and “conservation” is an implicit disinformation campaign which aims to keep public attention away from focusing on the basic predatory ethic of capitalism.


A vigorous return to the ethic of the Beat Generation in the 1960’s which embraced a critical spirit of introspection and social engagement, is the kind of elevated consciousness that is currently needed to save planet Earth from environmental destruction, with the cooperation of so-called environmental groups.

Gnostics suggest that, Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to break down a vital human consciousness of each other and of Nature, through the use of a simulated reality context of capitalism which aims to inspire irrational quality-of-life and an emphasis on greed.

Simulated environmental activists apparently provide Manipulative Extraterrestrials with a conduit for deceiving and for manipulative direction that seeks to repress public dissent against capitalism as the fundamental cause of prevailing environmental problems. John Lash in suggests that it is vitally important for the collective consciousness of humanity to begin to detect the attempt of regressive archonic aliens, to achieve mis-direction through mass-deception techniques.

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