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Pagan Gnostics suggest Extraterrestrial operatives and not Muslim scapegoats orchestrate “terrorism”

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Is the War of Terrorism a Massive Hoax?

by John Stokes

  Planet Mars
Archons who instigate divisive wars and preside over Global Warming, seek to enslave humanity, and render Earth a destroyed planet like Mars.

Who are the “Archons”? ‘Archons’ as a term, is ancient.  Dr. John Lash has made voluminous documentation about Pagan Gnostic warmings to humanity about Manipulative Extraterrestrials Archons and their human operatives.  Throughout human history, the “Archons” have taken a variety of forms. These include the leadership of the Mongolian Hordes of Genghis Khan, as well as Julius Caesar’s Roman Empire; the Monarchs of colonial Europe who presided of the slave trade and other atrocities; and elites of Adolph’s Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Archons also take the form of leaders who have infiltrated religious organizations. These religious organizations pursue “riches”, while presenting fabricated messages which promise “salvation”, with obedience to their draconian authority systems. The latest and most dangerous incarnation of the Archons, preside over the “War on Terrorism”.

In contrast, “emissaries” have sought to countervail the self-destructive paths of the Archons. These “emissaries” have expressed themselves in part, through various spiritual and socio-political movements which seek to impart wisdom associated with messages of peace and social justice. These messages of peace from the “emissaries” include lovingkindness for each other, and living in harmony with the environment. These messages were imparted to groups which include Muslims, Jews, Christians who sought the original teachings of Jesus, Hindus as expressed, in part, by Ghandi, Buddhism à la the Dalai Lama, indigenous peoples in Canada and elsewhere; and broad social-ecological and other groups.

“Archons”, are parasitic entities against the human spirit, and they pursue insatiable power, which they can never satisfy, like a drug addict who pursues that elusive “high”. Archons express themselves in organized systems like capitalism, which they use to consolidate the pursuit of power among elites, relative to enslaved populations, which they control by fear, and by contrived tribalisms. These tribalisms include provoking inter-group racisms à la today’s Iraq, in which groups are so absorbed in a weakened state of alienation, fear and retribution against each other in a culture of violence, that they pose no threat to uniting against the Archons.

Archons seek to lure humanity away from wisdoms toward the affirmation of the quality-of-living associated with the teachings of the “Emissaries”, and into a path of self-absorbed, iniquitous, and divisive crass materialism, which spawns a culture of violence.

Archons seek insatiable power which can never be fulfilled

Historically, “Archons” have pursued an insatiable quest for power through an agenda of greed and exploitation. Within the context of their orchestrated “War on Terrorism” Archons use techniques of mass-deception, via psycho-political manipulation, reinforced by co-opted and compliant media and educational systems.

These techniques of mass-deception are used to blind “the masses”, so that humanity can be divided against itself. In so doing, Archons create contrived lines of “enmity”. Pivotal techniques of mass-deception include the creation of scapegoats which can be blamed for alleged provocations. For example, the Archons of Nazi Germany torched the Reichstag, then blamed “Jewish Communists” for the incident, just as the apparent Archons who preside over the so-called War on Terrorism have contrived “Muslims” as a scapegoat.

Mounting evidence on the “War against Terrorism”

Mounting evidence by independent research analysis suggests that unless the World Trade Center in Manhattan was literally made of dominos, it is impossible for a couple of planes to have brought it down. Learned academics have postulated that the World Trade Center could only have been brought down in the manner and speed that it was by a “controlled demolition”. In a corresponding vein, there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq. Yet, that message was apparently fabricated to legitimate a war, which reportedly could only have been launched with years on pre-planning. Similarly, the launching of military operations against the “Taliban” in Afghanistan, which is a group created and run by Archons, is a further apparent cover-story — reinforced by mass-media operatives — toward the pursuit and accumulation of the oil riches in that region.

Pre-planned nuclear war against Iran as a result of destruction of “targeted” U.S. and Canadian cities

It is also apparent that the Archons have pre-planned a nuclear war against Iran, which can be triggered-off, no doubt, by another but much more devastating ‘Crime against Humanity’, than the World Trade Center. Such a more devastating Crime Against Humanity will possibly involve the destruction of whole cities which will falsely be linked to “Muslim groups funded by Iran”, that can be used to create a mass hysteria, in favour of a plan that is aimed at “nuking” Iran and its allies, in retaliation. Allies of Iran which include Russia, and China are apparently aware of a march toward pre-planned nuclear war, and they have been reportedly engaged in their military preparations for a forecasted nuclear showdown.

The Archons in Nazi Germany, for example, were famous for talking diplomacy, while preparing for the launch of military strikes in an agenda of military expansionism. Russia lost over 20 million of its citizens by a similar course of aggression that Nazi Archons pursued, and now apparently fully intends to retaliate against any attack in its perceived “Asian security zone”.

An Orwellian “North American Union” in 2010, as a sought prelude to a New World Order

Archons pursue a New World Order, and apparently hope that creating mass devastation in U.S. and Canadian cities will forge a “North American Union”, in which oil and other resource riches of Canada will be directed to further vanquishing Muslim and other “enemies” toward a New World Order presided by ‘Aryan’ elites.

Reports have circulated that Archons seek to establish a North American Union in 2010, alarmingly suggest that the Archons seek to execute a nuclear war against Iran by 2010. This further alarmingly suggests a “trigger incident” in Canadian and U.S. soil, which can be used to legitimate “nuking those groups which destroyed our cities”, and demands for rounding up Muslims, just as German citizens demanded Jews be rounded up in Nazi Germany.

The “War on Terrorism” bears the marks of the ideological fingerprints and hideous intelligence of Archon tacticians. Indeed, the “War of Terrorism” is advancing the conquest agenda of Archon fascists. Essentially ‘terrorism’ is being instigated by its benefactors.

As Nazi “Archons” sought to take over the world, Archons under the cover story of the “War on Terrorism”, and “Economic Globalization” have re-instituted their bid to take over the world.

The Archon infiltration of progressive western democracies including Canada and other societies

The Archons learned from their experience in World War II,that they had to infiltrate strategic institutions of the United States and its allies, in order to take over the world. Societies which include, for example, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany, along with a slew of oppressive Third World regimes, are being governed by groups ideologically linked to U.S. led “Globalisationist” Archon groups.

Now, that the Archons have accomplished that goal that they have patiently pursued since the formal end of World War II, they seek to subjugate the Earth and its populations including Muslims, to Archon oppressive fascistic will.

Today’s Archon operatives

Today’s Archon operatives include a clique of corporate elites and “pseudo-intellectuals” who could most succinctly be described as ‘Nazi sympathizers’. These “Archon’ operatives view themselves to be descendants of ‘Aryans’, and they seek a “New World Order” in which the world will be “cleansed” of inferior races — including Muslims. Archon operatives belong to cliques that once provided money and industrial assistance to Nazi Germany. In the industrialized West, Archon operatives have cleverly sought to use Christianity to disguise a substantively “anti-Christ” ideology.

Humanity must wake up to its prospective self-destruction along with the Earth, in a similar vein as Mars

Humanity must liberate itself from its apparent capture by the Archons, and re-must embrace the wisdoms associated with the “Emissaries”. Otherwise, Humanity will inevitably destroy itself. The Archon mass-deception strategy that Iran poses some “threat”, is a similar mass-deception strategy that was a pre-cursor to the military subjugation of Iraq. Humanity MUST wake out of its stupor under Archon manipulation. Otherwise, humanity will face under an Archon military dictatorship which destroys Earth; as Mars had been destroyed. This is a prospective imminent future of globalized famine, never-ending military retributions, the spread of diseases associated with nuclear warfare.

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  1. Right… sure… Aliens that have the technology to come all the way out to Earth have to resort to things like terrorism. Because apparently, they lack the ability to actually subjugate us directly. Maybe it’s the skeptics… Perhaps they have the work from behind the scenes because their technology is operate by wishful thinking, so skeptics naturally emit skepticism fields which cancel out the wishful thinking.


    December 31, 2009 at 12:34 pm

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