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Canada as a substantive democracy is being undermined by colonial legacies and a New World Order agenda

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by Thahoketoteh of Kanekota




Canada signed U.N. res. 1514 on December 14, 1960, that was the declaration for all members to end the disease of colonialism. The whole structure of the Canadian political system is colonial.

The Senate still holds half the power of lawmaking in Canada . Mr. Harper says he will force them to accept his new policing laws, that are a part of his New World Order agenda, dictated to him from his bosses in Washington. Canada is already a police state, as anyone here on the ground can attest. What reason does Mr. Harper have for advancing the police powers? Has he asked the Canadian people what they think?

It comes right back to the 9/11 hoax that Harper’s real bosses instigated to advance their goal of making us all slaves. Genocide on a scale not seen since the Nazi nightmare, is happening in Afghanistan right now. Read this article, LINK. It is yet another, in a long line, exposing the criminals and their dastardly deeds.

The Harper government acts like they are in a dictatorial role, even though they are a minority government, in the colonial system that is supposed to be gone. The true power is in the minds of the people. The people are starting to realize this as they use their minds properly, instead of allowing others to decide for them. The mind control technologies that most western governments have adopted, is for making the people stop thinking for themselves and act like a herd being led to slaughter.

The real Canadian people are waking up to this reality. When the next election happens they will put Mr. Harper back where he belongs, in the cage where he wants to put them. There is hope for Canada to become a beacon of truth and justice. The rest of the world is looking and hoping that Canadians will arise from their slumber. They will wake up the “real” American people and stop this madness. Then the world will know peace.

Unity, Strength, Peace,

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Thahoketoteh of Kanekota can be contacted via his webpages. LINK.

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 9, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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