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The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America presents a threat to Canada’s vital independence

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by Gerry Masuda

I consider the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement of North America (SPP) the most urgent threat to Canada – even greater than global warming.

The SPP is an Agreement signed by Stephen Harper, President George W Bush and President Vicente Fox in March 2006. Little is known about the details of the Agreement, in spite of Action to Information requests. The documents, when released, are largely blacked out. Why the secrecy?

The reason that is apparent from investigative research and enquiries is that SPP is bad for Canadians.

The apparent traitorous act, being pushed by the Canadian political and economic elites through the Harper government, is far more than standardizing the regulations relating to “jellybeans”, to borrow the words of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The real reason is to give the largest Canadian corporations guaranteed access to the American markets and is an essential step leading up to North American Union.

The U.S., on its part, will gain control of our water and other natural resources.

However, the greatest loss to Canadians will be our sovereign right to set our own political, economic, environmental, social, cultural, foreign and military policies. As an example, we will lose our ability to set our own environmental plan to meet our Kyoto commitments.

The only way to stop SPP, is to make SPP the pivotal election issue in the coming federal elections. Each voting Canadian should have the right to vote on whether we want to maintain our sovereignty or become part of the failing U.S. Empire.

Once Canadians find out about SPP, most will turn against the Conservatives and Liberals and vote to maintain our proud independence.

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 9, 2009 at 10:26 pm

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