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British Columbia Perspective: My Vision of Canada as an alternative to assimilation into the U.S. Empire

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by Gerry Masuda

Reading Whose Canada?: Continental Integration, Fortress North America and the Corporate Agenda edited by Grinspun and Shamsie, I read the corporate elites are creating a impression that North American Union (NAU) is urgent, inevitable and irreversible. Generally, the Canadian public is unaware of these pressures being brought to bear on our federal government.

As the push towards NAU become evident to the public, we will need some alternative vision of where we want Canada to develop into as an independent nation rather than be absorbed by the U.S. Empire.

I challenge each Canadian to develop his/her Vision of Canada which describes what he/she would like Canada to develop towards.

My vision follows.

My vision of Canada is a Canada which is proudly independent and controls its destiny with a strong national sense of purpose for the benefit of its citizens and the greater world community.

I want a country where social, economic and political justice prevails, where all the basic human needs are met and individuals focus their attention on achieving their greatest potential whatever that may be. I want a country where human rights and values are more important than the ‘rights of capital’ and the dehumanizing single value of the corporate bottom line.

I want a country where our children are our most valuable resource, where each child is encouraged to develop his/her abilities and interests. I want a Canada where child care is provided ‘free’ as are all levels of education (including university) based solely on ability and desire learn and to perform.

I want a country in which our heritage represented by our natural resources is used for the benefit of Canadians rather than the profit of private corporations. I want a country where our resources are used sustainably, rather than exploited for private commercial profit, in a mad rush to catch the last fish, to fall the last tree.

I also want a Canada where our natural wealth is used for the benefit of all Canadians (including Canadians not yet born) and the world rather than exploited for private commercial profit.

I want a Canada where the government legislates to meet the needs and desires of its people rather than corporate interests.

I want a Canada that I can be proud of, and which is held in high esteem by all other countries.

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 11, 2009 at 9:12 pm

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