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How Canadians stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement

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by Gerry Masuda

The Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement (SPPA) was signed in secret and is being implemented in secrecy and stealth by bureaucratic regulatory changes. SPPA is another important stepping stone leading to North American Union (NAU). The others are the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA) , the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA).

The key to cancelling the SPPA and reversing the move towards NAU, is to break the corporate media blackout on reporting on SPPA.

The way to get the media to report on SPPA, is to stage a news conference which is too big to ignore and the event would be reported on TV, radio and in our newspapers.

I suggest that this staged media event could be Leader of the NDP, Jack Layton, announcing that the NDP election platform for the coming election would be NO TO SPPA giving the reasons why.

Once the blackout is broken and Canadians learn about the traitorous actions of their political and economic elites, their government and the federal bureaucracy, they will awaken from their apathy and demand further information. Once the Canadian public understands the secrecy and stealth by which we are losing our sovereignty, they will turn on the Conservatives and Liberals and vote to retain our sovereignty.

What do you predict the elections results will be? I predict a landslide NDP victory.

The big question is would the NDP seize this opportunity? The second big question is when?

About the writer:

I was born in Vancouver in 1933. I moved from BC to Toronto in 1949 and attended U of T and received a BASC in Electrical Engineering in 1958 followed by a MSC in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University in 1964.

I joined the ROTP (Regular Officer’s Training Plan) in 1954. The Dept of National Defence paid for my university education. I served as a RCEME Officer responsible for maintaining Army equipments, serving for 28 years. I retired from the Canadian Forces as a major.

I subsequently spent a further 10 years in DND as a civilian. I retired in 1992.

In 1999, I moved to Duncan, BC. While here, I fell out of my ‘military box’. It was a shock and I have not recovered yet.

I started getting interested in public activism after being introduced to the concept of the New World Order.

My activist interests relates to social, economic and political injustices with a current interest in the poor, homelessness and the problems with getting childcare.


Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 11, 2009 at 9:09 pm

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