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Witnesses encounter EBEs in Puerto Rican shopping centre

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Compiled and Translated by Albert Rosales, ed.

Location. Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Date: 22 April 2007: 2:00 PM

A computer engineer and his wife were on their way to shop at a women’s clothing store in the Centro Comercial Plaza del Norte. As they arrived at the entrance to the store, they observed, sitting one on each side of the main entrance and in “Yoga”-like postures, two strange characters or entities which made the hair on their heads stand up on end. The two “characters” were males, very tall, with extremely pale skin, almost the color of paper, expressionless facial features and long completely white straight hair. They both wore a sort of cream-colored tunic, similar to a chef’s robe. Their skin appeared unnatural almost like those of wax figures, their facial features were also unnatural appearing somewhat “flattened”.

The two witnesses were so taken aback that they had to stop in order to stare at the strangers. At this point the strangers seemed to notice the witnesses and appeared somewhat surprise and afraid. One of them briefly looked at the other one as if saying, “They spotted us”. The witnesses thought that the strange pair belonged to some type of religious “sect” and immediately walked inside the store where they spoke to one of the employees and made sure that the two strangers were not part of some type of product promotion. The employee, accompanied by the two witnesses quickly walked out the store but the two strangers had already vanished. According to the witnesses only about 20 seconds had transpired.

According to the employee about ‘30’ other customers had inquired as two the nature of the two strangers sitting at the entrance to the store and had described almost the exact same features. The witnesses further described the strangers as having completely unnatural skin tone almost translucent in nature like those of “shrimp”. Their face was human like with large expressionless eyes and somewhat “flattened” cheeks.

Reference: Andrew Alvarez, LINK and Lucy Guzman LINK

About the writer:

Albert Rosales

Mr. Rosales is a veteran researcher on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. He can be contacted using email, LINK  Albert Rosales coordinates LINK

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