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First Nations Perspective: Climate change

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by Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

  Polluted waters

The global climate change argument, that the ‘Globalists’ are trying to promote through their propaganda dept., suggest that the current increase in temp. and weather severity is man-made. I suggest the more important issue of man-made pollutants of this Earth mother, is the most important topic to discuss. The species depletion is definitely man-made. The diseases like cancer and all the other three-letter “disorders” that have been popping up are all pollution related.

The entire solar system is going through regular cyclical changes right now. So when we are talking about man-made causes let us concentrate on actual man-made problems, like polluting our mother earth and killing 30% of the species.

The CBC did a documentary on the poisoning of the waters last year and they showed clearly what causes cancer. They investigated the last known Beluga whales to live in the St. Lawrence river region and found them to be riddled with the same cancerous tumours that humans are suffering from. They concluded it was the poisons that have been allowed to be dumped into the Great Lakes watershed. That this was driven by the madness of “the owista disease” that everyone suffers from now, was not mentioned in their documentary.

Since many of you reading this subscribe to the man-made idea of economy, let us follow the money trail. To tackle the real man-made changes, one must first root out the cause of the problem. The men who have profited from the crime of poisoning the ecosystem are the ones who have financed it. Their secret parliament is not that populated however their money resources are endless. They have made themselves unbelievably rich, at the expense of 30% of the species. With the Athabasca tar-sands project, Canada now takes the top spot on the list of “polluting countries“ worldwide.

Our job as humans is to ensure the survival of all of our earth family. Let us start to tackle the real problem with as much zeal as the hoax, these same money-men are selling the people. These people have created the mess and they must now pay the money back, to clean it up. Instead of continuing at an accelerated rate of poisoning the earth family , they should be made to pay all that money back that they have reaped from the destruction of the ecosystem. Then they will owe more than they have and will finally know what the final outcome of the “owista” disease is.

Then, their “not-so secret” meetings, will be about the famine and death of them, instead of us. War is their favourite tactic of mind control. The word Government is from the Greek “gobernado” (to control) and “mente” (the mind). That is why they cannot deal properly with us, as our people understand the power of the mind. Nobody can tell you what to think. Not only do you have the right, it is your responsibility to listen to everyone and then make up your own mind.

The fairy tale of the “pied piper of Hamelin” comes to mind. The ruling elite in that story, had to finally deal with the fact that they lost their children because they did not want to pay the piper. The same is true of the current ruling elite with their own children. They will lose their children along with all of the other children, if they continue on this bad path. The moral of that fairy tale is “you have to pay the piper”.

With unity of mind through the natural law, comes great strength.

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 14, 2009 at 11:25 pm

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