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Harper Government sells Canada through U.S. foreign take-overs

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Edited by Peter Tremblay

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The objective of the Stephen Harper minority government, is to continue to the “salami slicing” tactics started by Brian Mulroney, to of a public policy agenda, that will result in the step-by-step break down of our national soul as Canadians. The elite friends of the Harper government include apparent collaborators, like mIchael Ignatieff in other parts of the Political Establishment, and corporate elites who together, support Mr Harper’s pursuit of the North American Union (NAU) agenda of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

The genesis of Canada as an identifiable place, was in the 1530’s. Canada as a nation, would be further inspired by aboriginal peoples and settler immigrant groups who came together as ‘Canadiens’ along the St. Lawrence River.

Subsequent immigration from loyalists fleeing the American Revolution would support the genesis of a Canadian nationhood in the late eighteenth century, that sought to embrace a national ideal of “Peace, Order and Good Government”, that distinguished ourselves from the culture of violence in the United States. A culture of violence associated with the American constitutional “right to bear arms”, remains a prominent part of the American cultural milieu.

In contrast, Canadians also sought to develop an alternative national community in which Peace, Order and Good Government manifested in the creation of a mutualistic socially progressive society.

Canadians, sought the wisdom of government intervention in redressing conditions of economic disparity in our cities through innovative social policy, and also sought to create a universal public healthcare system, that would reflect the expression of a higher communitarian civic consciousness.

As a society which sought to spread corresponding messages of peace throughout the world, Canadians also sought peacekeeping responsibilities over militarism. Canadians sought to affirm greater independence from the United Kingdom, and then the United States, in a matter which would allow us as a nation to make a vital independent contribution in a community of independent and free nations.

The Harper government and friends through its NAU, SPP agenda, seek to deny us our very national self-determination. The Harper government, has in fact been pursuing an active U.S. assimilation agenda, through the NAU and SPP agenda that will totally destroy our national institutions, like the Canadian Wheat Board, and absorption into a American Big Business-friendly “cultural template”.

The result will be that the “errors” of American society that have led to the destruction of America’s cities, and to a general predatory “survival of the fittest society” will be imported into Canada. Indeed, homelessness and other worsening social despair in Canada, is the result of the dismantling of innovative Canadian social policy, which once included rent control and other programs.

The Harper government also seeks to use the pretext of a jingoistic “War of Terrorism”, to destroy Canada’s peace-inspired society, in favour of the importation into Canada of the greed-driven U.S. political-industrial-complex, which is actively destroying America, as a democracy.


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December 15, 2009 at 11:24 pm

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  1. Canada, should have got out of the NAFTA agreement, shouldn’t have even considered it. NAFTA, has forced Canada to give 60% of our natural resources, to the USA. So, I am assuming the NAU, is here. The signs are obvious. BC, is an empty shell, all of BC’s vast resources are gone. Our, Canadian Constitution, is, gone. Our Civil Liberties are, gone. Democracy and freedom, gone. Our voices of protest, are ignored. Everything Canadian citizens valued, are no more. There will be no democracy, in Canada, the USA, or in Mexico. The three countries, will be one. We, will all be identical, education, health care, and, the Amero dollar, for all three countries. The first thing they had to do was, to make these countries unstable. So, the recession, was engineered, to do exactly what it is doing. Causing chaos for, all the three countries citizens. Canada, will get plundered the most, as Canada usually does. Our water and rivers, are no longer ours, gas fields, oil wells gone.


    January 16, 2010 at 12:57 am

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