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The Northern Territory News has been inundated in recent weeks with readers’ pictures of possible UFO sightings.

The objects captured on camera have ranged from dark disks flying in broad daylight to strange lights glowing in the night sky.

Roger Perner, 52, of the Hunter Valley in NSW, was taking pictures of eagles at Policeman’s Point in Timber Creek on the Victoria River last month when he noticed a strange object in one of the shots.

“As soon as I dropped the camera I looked around everywhere and there was nothing in the sky,” he said.

Mr Perner said he had believed in extra-terrestrial life since seeing a strange object in the sky in Queensland about 30 years ago.

“It was miles and miles away and as big as a football,” he said.

He said he had no idea what the object he photographed last month was.

“It wasn’t there when I took the camera away from my eye but it was there when I took the photo,” he said.

In March, Ruth Palmer, 27, of Rosebery, Palmerston, took a picture of her husband Richard Magree in front of the Devils Marbles, near infamous UFO town Wycliffe Well.

When she looked at the photograph she noticed a strange object in the sky flying above her husband’s shoulder.

“You don’t want to think you are crazy, and I don’t want to be one of those crazies, but I thought, being near Wycliffe Well, who knows what it is?”

Stephen Jones, of Alice Springs, was also baffled when he photographed strange lights in the sky near Banka Banka, while driving from Darwin to Alice Springs in February.

The UFO-spotters have come forward after Alan Ferguson photographed strange objects flying above his home in Acacia Hills last month.

Territory Independent MLA Gerry Wood made headlines down south for his UFO-spottingin July 2008.

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December 16, 2009 at 8:16 pm

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