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Gnostic insights suggest UFO Disclosure Movement may unwittingly be infiltrated

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Dr. John Chang

  Apparent UFO/Archons-related Depictions
Apparent UFO/Archons-related Depictions in Bible.

Various representatives within the UFO Disclosure Movement, notably includes Exopolitics groups. Exopolitics groups, have sought to provide leadership in inspiring humanity to become responsible members of what they describe as the broader Galactic Community.

In order to help work toward that goal, Exopolitics groups have sought to help champion UFO Disclosure, and to help “channel” messages attributed to alleged Ethical Extraterrestrials. These channelings include messages of ‘peace’, ‘love’, and environmental stewardship. Sounds ethical, does it? However, just because an explicitly communicated message is benevolent, does not necessarily mean that the consciousness behind it, is. Indeed, that is how the aboriginal peoples of Canada, and other indigenous peoples globally, have been conquered: accepting at face value, messages of peace and friendship, that are designed to pacify “the enemy”, just before the conquest.

Religious salvationism

Dr. John Lash’s accounts of the pre-Christian era “pagan” Gnostics, suggest that much of the channelings are consistent with the tactics of the ‘archons’. Gnostics identified the ‘archons’ as a group of regressive aliens, who sought to use organized religion, as a simulated spirituality, designed to support a social control and manipulation agenda against humanity. The colonial military empires of Europe sent out their Christian missionaries to preach of a “loving God”, just before the arrival of the military naval fleets. Indeed, the channelings seem to be steeped in a “New Age” mutation of Christianity.

Herein’s an example:

   “A promise, so rich and fertile fills the air today as it did in our most ancient past. One vast difference marks our own time, because we are now living and experiencing first hand the fulfillment of that great promise – the promise of a heaven on Earth, an evolution of consciousness, and form that brings us mastery over our realm of matter. Making each of us the creators, we will come to advance forth to become the conceivers of new worlds ourselves…” LINK

This same group of writers on “Earth Transformation” also elaborate:

   Our age will in time become known as the Age of Transformation and the tool of transformation will be identified as unconquerable ‘synthesis’. Human evolution is not yet complete, not in form nor capacity, and the Age of Transformation brings about the bridge for a new species to enter our plane of reality. This new species is the next step in human evolution and we will recognize these immerging beings as ‘superwomen and supermen’ because of their conscious and integrated supernal knowledge.” LINK“[T]he Age of Transformation is nothing less than the arrival of heaven on Earth and this is brought about by the new race…” LINK

“2012 is NOT about doom, disaster or cataclysm. Real changes are affecting us in body, mind and spirit.” LINK


Other scholars suggest that 2012, promises a near collision with Planet X that is many times larger than Earth. Some researchers suggest that a Planet X near miss, would cause Earth rotation to reverse, and also cause up to 80 percent of Earth population to be decimated. But again, Gnostics observe how religion has indeed been used to disempower groups to look for a saviour, as the front for alien conquerors. Using Gnostic insights such an agenda would be consistent with the goal of undermining UFO Disclosure communities, from inspiring humans into liberating themselves from potentially aspiring alien conquerors.


“There will not be any devastating Earth changes! See and feel the truth of these words and chose to join this vision. Joining this creation empowers and infuses life force into our world with connective strength, and it realigns and soothes scarred grid areas damaged by fearful, chaotic thought-forms.” LINK“We are the Children of the Stars, the Light Workers.” LINK


John Lash in documents how archons use human ego to proselytize alien orchestrated religious enslavement:

The Gnostic The First Apocalypse of James, refers to those people


“[W]ho exist as the type of the Archons” (30:20). Gnostics were not only alert to the intrusion of the Archons, they were also acutely aware of the possibility of humans becoming totally “Archontized.” This threat appears to have emerged in a particularly alarming way in that era to which Philip K. Dick often refers: the first century of the Common Era, when the Incarnation of Christ is said to have occurred, according to Christian belief. Both the time and the place where Archontic molding of human character set in strongly are specified in the Nag Hammadi texts. In his Gnostic view of the human condition, Dick assumed that the spiritual life of humanity was arrested at that moment..”..The “authorities” exhibit the behaviour of spiritual zombies, people who exemplify a baffling mix of mystical and militaristic fixations. (What I have called behavioral cloning is widely evident in both militaristic and mystical behaviour, such as we see today in neocon religious realpolitik, although it is also embodied in the mass conformity of global consumerism and the rites of technophilia.)”


Indeed the Extraterrestrials proselytized by UFO Disclosure communities, have apparently combined a fused a messianic “Neo-Jesus” and militaristic context as self-described “soldiers” of religious salvation.

Religious salvationism

Gnostic insights, suggest that these alleged messages of Ethical Extraterrestrials, may very will be Manipulative Extraterrestrials, once again, seeking to use “religious salvationism” as a prelude to military conquest. “Religious salvationism” has apparently been a technique in which regressive aliens have apparently used throughout human history, to disarm human capabilities of logic and reason, into a context of “blind faith”.

Toward a conference to help prepare humanity for a “Great Transformation”, participants were further notably advised “to spend 30-60 minutes in meditation, prayer or suitable alternatives for the whole event.” LINK Alex Collier’s own documented experiences with Extraterrestrials reinforces Gnostic insights, by revealing a similar critique against the parasitic context of “religious salvationism”, that is also the base context of Christianity.


Nobody is going to save you, because according to the Andromedans, if you’re sitting here waiting for a saviour, you’re not doing the work yourself. And who would come down here to take you off the hook? For what purpose? You will only recreate the situation again someday. If you haven’t permanently evolved to that level of becoming your own saviour, your own messiah, then you haven’t learned your life’s lessons. And this is what the Andromedans strongest message is. You have got to do the work yourself. You are only responsible for yourself. Nobody is going to take you off the hook. Matter of fact, if they do end up intervening on our behalf, they are not going to stick around afterward and baby- sit us.


That means, we have got to get it straight. That we as a race, have got to come together and decide what it is that we want and how we want to live. How are we going to raise our children? What moralities, what laws, etc. Not to be told by somebody else out there, what is best for us. Folks! It’s never worked before, and it isn’t going to work now. Most human beings would rather die than live being a slave. That’s just our nature, our soul, to be free. We’re at that point again. What will we choose?


It is apparent that messages from actual apparent Ethical Extraterrestrials, seek, inspire humanity to liberate itself, free of any context of mental slavery, that characterises the attributed intrusions of Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their emissaries.

Sol Luckman elaborates in 2012 “Exopolitics, Global Transformation & Personal Empowerment”:


I am well aware that to question the “exopolitics-as-saviour” agenda is tantamount to heresy among many believers in and proponents of “messianic” extraterrestrial intervention in terrestrial affairs, for whom such a belief is often held with truly religious zeal. I would be remiss, however, if I failed to point out what seems quite obvious: such projection onto yet another “rescuer” represents a perpetuation of the very “victim consciousness” we, as individuals and as a species, are striving to move beyond. In other words, exopolitics can easily and naturally morph into an exercise in personal disempowerment, severely curtailing our ability to adopt unity consciousness and unconditional love that honour divinity in all things. LINK.


John Lash refers to “salvationism “an ideological virus, and its origin is not human.” Dr. Lash exposes “salvationism” as an alien doctrine with a patriarchical agenda to subjugate humanity. This patriarchical doctrine fosters a superhuman rescue of humanity from its problems, and the operation of off-planet, remote-control authority on morals, and divine retribution, that is orchestrated by regressive alien (archon) virtual reality simulations. LINK. Lash describes these archons as seeking to deviate us from our humanity through their orchestrated and contrived religious beliefs, predicated on mass deception.

Alex Collier in February 1977 then elaborates the following in reference to his contact with apparent Ethical Extraterrestrials:


The Shroud of Turin. According to the Andromedans, this is one example of the extra terrestrial manipulation or assault of our belief systems. This holographic image on the shroud was created by the Greys to strengthen a belief system in a saviour or messiah. This belief system, assists their plan for control, because humanity would love to give their power away to someone that appeared to be a true and legitimate messiah, because we’ve been taught to do that. The Greys know that few people truly want to accept responsibility for their own evolution. Most would rather be told what to do, than to realize the situation and take the appropriate action necessary to free themselves.


To further realize the Grey manipulation on a belief system level, there is also a plan in development to play out a staged “Second Coming. This will occur shortly after the destruction of the world economy, maybe six years, tops. This being will be a clone human being, a biological, who will holographically be imprinted with everything from spiritual truths regarding information about all religions, metaphysics, and he will come out speaking about all of these great wonders. He will strongly profess the Hindu philosophy. Why, I don’t know, but this is what they’re saying. The intent is evil; this being will not have a soul. He is not spirit. He is robotoid, a clone, a robot, a synthetic. The Greys have this kind of ability to stage this kind of action using their technology. He will be the image of the man on the shroud of Turin. LINK

Neo-Jesus messages

It is notable that back in February 1977, Alex Collier suggested that an alien religious would occur alongside the “destruction of the world economy”. Such an apparent implosion is now occurring in the world economy, as aliens apparently seeking to spread their “Neo-Jesus” messages, as a prelude to what?

Alex Collier had suggested in 1977 that such activity would be a prelude to military conquest, under the subsequent paternal guidance of some kind of genetically manipulated race?

As the early missionaries sought to pacify the indigenous people as a prelude to a subsequent military invasion, the “new missionaries” that present their alien message through UFO Disclosure communities, seem to follow a similar profile. UFO Disclosure communities speak of a “Great Transformation” with pseudo religious fervour. Might this “Great Transformation” actually be an alien face of the “New World Order”?

  Planet X Orbit graphic
“Planet X” Orbit graphic. Reference:

Indeed scholars with notable reference to Zecharia Sitchin, and other “investigative” researchers, refer to a “Planet X”, or the “Genesis Planet”, having a 3,600 elliptical orbit around the sun, as being scheduled to re-enter Earth’s time space toward 2012. Some researchers have already claimed having video footage of “Planet X” as already being visible from Earth, toward the direction of the sun. These researchers also link “Planet X” with the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials that the ancient Gnostics referred to as the archons. Could these apparent “new emissaries”, which we are now hearing about, be direct intergalactic colonial “missionaries” for an alleged “archon planet”?

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