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Multiple UFOs Spotted over Manchester, Tennessee

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Eyewitnesses account:

Two friends and I were out riding around on some back roads here in Manchester on 29 November 2009. We are coming up on their house when I noticed a “star” move. I pulled into one of his neighbour’s driveways and cut off my headlights.

Being as this isn’t the first time I’ve ever seen weird things in the sky, I immediately hang myself out the window to get a panorama of the clear night sky. We start watching all the stars more closely, and pretty soon they are all switching positions and forming constellations (there were 2 Orion’s, 2 big dippers).

Then they fall out of those shapes and start taking the triangle and diamond shapes I’m familiar with. We watched in awe for the next hour while the ENTIRE sky filled up with these unfathomably large crafts.

At some point in all this a craft became upright and was in the shape of a pyramid, with a smaller inverted pyramid at the bottom.

All during this time there were single “stars” (individually manned craft) moving in all parts of the sky. We drive around and get a different angle on the huge pyramid and we see these single “stars” coming out of ports on the inclines of the craft (we can see recessed lights in the ports).

We drove around all night getting different vantage points, on multiple occasions they responded to being “bright lighted,” they would actually flash back.

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