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The Changing colours of Mars

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by David Obrecht

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For a very long time now some people have maintained that NASA is changing the colours in the images it releases. Some even maintain that they are airbrushing some and even not releasing some at all.

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Let’s take a look at a few images to see if we can spot any hanky-panky with the colours.

Here is an image of the lander that delivered Spirit to the Martian surface taken by Spirit.

Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?




Most people have seen this I’m sure. Now let’s have a look at the same lander before it was packed for shipment.

Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?




There do seem to be a few differences. Let’s compare them side-by-side.

Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?
Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?

I have marked the most glaring difference; remember these images are of the exact same piece of equipment. Now lets take the one on the left and see if we can make it a closer match to the one on the right using Microsoft Picture It! Publishing 2001.

Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?



Well the cables color is closer to the other image, but look at the rest of the image. A BLUE sky on Mars? The ground doesn’t seem that strange now either. Hummm, that’s strange, or is it? Let’s look at a photo taken at a NASA press conference (image from AP), note the screen behind the NASA people.
Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?



It doesn’t appear to be too different from the one I changed, does it? Below is the same image as released to the public two days later?


Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?



Could there be something to the rumour that NASA is not being exactly honest about some things? Surely a part of the U.S. government wouldn’t lie to the world, now would it?
Images from NASA unless noted other wise.
internet site reference: LINK

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