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UFO sightings: EBE influences linked to perpetuation of human disparity on Earth

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by Paul Chen

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  Big Brother Facism

You may have at one time pondered or asked yourself, why does poverty in your own city, country, or our planet Earth in general, seem to be perpetuated. What are the intellectual origins to a mentality, that seems to be insensitive to the worsening plight of the poor, under the auspices of governments that are controlled by the financially rich? Some economists might attribute this state of affairs to the alleged “fact” that greed is in human nature. But arguably, human nature is compassionate and altruistic, and greed has been conditioned by elites into human society.

Indeed, it is the elites who have sought to convince humanity through the teaching of capitalist economics, and otherwise, that “greed” is the engine of progress, and that if most other people are left behind, as these elites financially progress, then that’s just too bad.

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VIDEO:  Dr. Michael Salla suggests Manipulative Extraterrestrials with operatives ruled Oppressive Empires throughout Human History

Exopolitics, is a relatively new discipline which suggests that a more critical appreciation of such issues may be acquired, by appreciating how Extraterrestrials contacts with Earth, have influenced the development of human civilization.

Alex Collier, is an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. He has made representation which suggest that human disparity on our planet Earth has been the result of the cultural influences of Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Alex Collier alleges that human elites admire the technological power, and social order of Manipulative Extraterrestrial society, and they have sought to import that Eugenic ideology, in the conduct of human affairs.

These Manipulative Extraterrestrials, allegedly captured and brought Earth along with its human colonies, into this time-space continuum, with the support of Nazi indoctrinated humans, as a “prize” in an intergalactic war with the human race in general. Alex Collier alleges that through organized religion, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to inspire worship among humans by Extraterrestrials that the Gnostics referred to as “demons from the sky”.

Alex Collier, then links these Manipulative Extraterrestrials to the very capitalist ideology, that is the basis of the perpetuation of social injustice on our planet Earth, and that is related to Crimes against Humanity, including the senseless destruction of our environment, and also war.

Collier elaborates that pathological ego-centred and megalomaniacal “service to self” in capitalist ideology, originates in regressive alien influences in human civilization:

  The mind set or consciousness of the majority of races in these systems is Service-to-Self, and as such they are always invading, subverting and manipulating less advanced races, and using their technology for control and domination. This is a very old and ancient war, and the peace that does not exist is always being tested by these beings, who believe that fear rules, and love is weak.They believe that those they perceive to be less fortunate, in comparison to them, are meant to be slaves. This belief system is promoted at birth in these regressive alien races, wherein the mother, after giving birth, will abandon the offspring to fend for themselves. If they survive they are cared for by a warrior class that uses these children for games of combat and amusement.” LINK


So, you can see, Alex Collier elaborates, “that the regressive aliens are forever stuck in survival mode. This means they have no boundaries in what they will do to other beings.”

This is the same kind of culture that greed-driven elites that over exploit our planet Earth, have inflicted against humanity. Apparently, regressive aliens are their teachers. Such cultures can only perpetuate themselves by seeking to repress, control, and exploit others. Indeed, Collier suggests wars of aggression on planet Earth, have been instigated by factions of these regressive aliens, to exploit human and other planetary “resources”.

Alex Collier further relays representation from his alleged Ethical Extraterrestrial contacts:

  “it is engrained in them never to trust a human. They are taught their version of the history of the ‘Great Galactic War’, which teaches that humans are at fault for invading the universe, and that humans selfishly wanted their [alien] society to starve and struggle for the basic materials that would allow them to exist.” LINK


Alex Collier then cites that regressive aliens “are the force behind the repression of human populations everywhere in this galaxy instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictive hierarchies.

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December 18, 2009 at 9:43 am

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5 Responses

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  1. Manipulative extraterriastrials do not exist at all.

    The only manipulative beings in the universe are indeed the terrestrials and we know this for sure.

    Stop this propaganda creating always new enemies, nobody believes it anymore.

    Howard Hunt

    December 20, 2009 at 1:19 pm

  2. Why do so many people in Ufology proclaim to understand the motives of non-terrestrial life forms? Greed? Greed is a subjective trait attributed by others, and even then, it is in terms of one human to another. By declaring these ‘EBE’ aliens as greedy is to declare that they understand the motivations of creatures that evolved under entirely different evolutionary pressures. Doing this places human motivations in entities that simply cannot behave in a human fashion.

    This story lacks the testability and falsifiability of tales that is acceptable by reasonable people. There is no way to test these statements; there is no way to ascertain the truth of these statements either. The word of the person posting these things must be taken at face value, as no tangible evidence is presented.

    This is a common occurrence in supposed ‘experts’ in the UFO field. I will not accept the presentation of unsubstantiated rumors as fact, and I urge you not to either.

    John Powers

    December 20, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    • What makes you the ‘expert’ relative to other testimonies you refer to?


      December 23, 2009 at 12:57 am

      • I am not claiming any expertise other than a fair understanding of the pressures that made every life form on this planet and how each one of those life forms could have gone millions of different directions at any point in their evolutionary history. Greed not only implies a reaction to resource shortages but also an ability to put the individual over the group. Some of humanity’s close relatives interpret these things differently (e.g., Marmosets). There is a danger of misunderstanding extraterrestrial motivations if people in the UFO field continue to anthropomorphize them.

        John Powers

        December 27, 2009 at 6:40 am

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