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Canadians against the NAU agenda are inspired by Non-Alignment Movement ideals

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by Iain Mackenzie

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  Canadians against the North American Union
Canadians protests participation in U.S. Bush administration contrived wars in the Middle East.

Canadians who are seeking to resist the Security and Prosperity Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU) agenda are tacitly inspired by the Non-alignment Movement. The Non-alignment Movement (NAM) had been championed by then newly independent nation-states like India, to defend against the competing “neo-colonial” agendas of the American, and Russian “Soviet” Empires. Canada, joining the Non-Alignment Movement, would provide the opportunity to fulfill our national destiny, instead of being assimilated into the American Empire. Our national identity has expressed aspirations, to be a citadel of compassion and social justice that operates a role model for other nations, and to freely pursue a global peace inspired foreign policy agenda. Canadians, who seek to resist the SPP-NAU agenda, share the anti-imperialism and broad multilateral ethic of NAM.

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Manley and NAU Manifesto
Former Deputy Prime Minister John Manley is a co-author of the North American Union’s manifesto, published by a far-right “think tank”.

NAM is an international organization of countries considering themselves not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. It was founded in April 1955; and as of 2007, it had 118 members. The purpose of the organization as stated in the Havana Declaration of 1979 is to ensure “the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries” in their “struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, Zionism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony as well as against great power and bloc politics.”

Wikipedia documents that NAM “represents nearly two-thirds of the United Nations members and comprise 55 percent of the world population, particularly countries considered to be developing or part of the third world. Canadians that seek to resist the SPP-NAU agenda, may very well seek inspiration from activists in the NAM who successfully sought to resist the take over of their societies by Empire driven cliques.

The climax of the expression of Canada’s forward-thinking identity began with the John Diefenbaker government’s championing of a vision of human rights, and further evolved under the Lester B. Pearson government during the 1960’s and into great societal captivated by Expo ’67, and it arguably reached its climax during the Pierre Elliot Trudeau government.

The Multiculturalism policy of the Trudeau government, alongside national unity commitments, economic nationalism, the repatriation of Canada’s constitution, and peacekeeping involvements, was constructed to affirm Canada as an independent and progressive society.

  Mel Hurtig
Mel Hurtig has provided leadership against the SPP-NAU agenda.

Unfortunately, cliques associated with the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, have hijacked many traditional and also relatively new “international” affiliations that Canada participates in. Indeed, the SPP-NAU agenda has been spawned from Canada’s current membership particularly in military and political economic “alliances” like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Organization of American States (OAS); the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The SPP-NAU agenda as confirmed by learned researchers from Mel Hurtig in Canada, to Harvard University educated, and CNN veteran anchor Lou Dobbs, is a being consolidated by an anti-democratic shadow clique. Freedom of Information documents distributed by Mel Hurtig, and by other investigators, confirm that the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, in league with elites in Canada and Mexico, is creating a North American Union, inspired by fascism, social Darwinism and Nazi eugenics.

Bush Amero and  Fascism

Canadians who seek to pursue a domestic and foreign policy course that expresses our socially progressive values as a national community, must re-examine continued participation in institutional affiliations that promote a SPP-NAU “shadow” agenda, which seeks to surrender Canada to a self-serving clique, without any consent whatsoever from Canadians. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and his confederates among the Liberals, NDP, the Greens, and the Bloc Quebecois, all purport to be defenders of democracy, while selling-out Canada to a greed-driven SPP-NAU fascistic agenda.

NAM offers Canadians a chance to maintain our vital societal independence from the American Empire, while making a critical difference in a world of growing violence, and disparity, under the dysfunctional leadership elite which is controlled by alliances, under the mantra of “Globalization”.

Such subverted alliances, that have been taken over by ego-driven cliques of the American Empire also reportedly include the World Trade Organization (WTO) that sabotaged Canada’s Auto Pact; the World Bank; and the equally notorious International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The founding ideals of the Non-Alignment movement which Canadians share as a society, include principles of non-violence, anti-imperialism i.e., the mutual respect of national sovereignty, peaceful co-existence, and constructive internationalism

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December 20, 2009 at 9:44 am

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