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Former Liberal leader John Turner uncovered Brian Mulroney’s NAU agenda against Canada back in 1988

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  John Turner
John Turner at Queen’s University.

At 79 years old, the Right Honourable John Turner’s pace has slowed since he took on Brian Mulroney in the 1988 so-called “free-trade debate.” But Canada’s 17th Prime Minister hasn’t changed his stance on the issues he fought for throughout almost 30 years in office. Back in 1988, John Turner in famous “Free Trade” debate exposed a “North American Union” (NAU) agenda initiated under the Brian Mulroney government to hand over Canada to the United States through the Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Please see videos below that include an pivotal exchange between John Turner and Brian Mulroney during the Debate, and background on the NAU agenda, that former Prime Minister John Turner exposed in 1988.

It is apparent that Mr. Mulroney declarations of “patriotism” were less than genuine. Mulroney betrayed Canada, and has continued to support and advise the current Stephen Harper government on “North American” integration.

Turner appreciated that FTA was not about achieving “Free Trade” with the U.S. that had pretty much already been accomplished. Turner, appreciated that FTA was really about transferring the control of Canadian institutions and resources into the United States political-military-industrial complex.

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Turner was at Grant Hall on 28 October 2008 for a tribute event run by the Queen’s Centre for the Study of Democracy. The event saw the release of an updated collection of Turner’s speeches and writings, entitled Politics of Purpose, as well as speeches on Turner’s life in politics and discussions on free trade.

“While I’m a little older than I was in the 1960s, I remain restless,” he told a gathering of students, faculty and politicians.


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“Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. In this country, we’re taking it for granted.” Turner, who now walks with a cane, delivered his speech sitting down, but captivated listeners with thoughts on NAFTA, partisanship and Canada’s relationship with the United States.

“We were naïve as hell,” he said of the drafting of the Free Trade Agreement, saying it wasn’t a true agreement because it favoured American interests. He recounted his debates with Mulroney over free trade.

“I had an unfair advantage over Mr. Mulroney,” he said. “I read the agreement.” Turner often faced accusations of anti-Americanism during his time as leader of the opposition from 1984 to 1990.

“I have never been, nor will I ever be, anti-American. I am a proud Canadian,” he said.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

VIDEO:  John Turner debates Brian Mulroney during 1988 “Free Trade” Election.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

VIDEO:  Myth of “Free Trade” in NAFTA and defending Canadian sovereignty from a corporate American annexation agenda. 

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