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Famous American sex doctor explores how to have a Megagasm

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by Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.

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Now it’s time I told you about what I call the megagasm, the tsunami of orgasms.

As women, too often we spend time restraining our sexuality. We are conditioned to make no disturbance. Moisture on the sheets or otherworldly sounds emanating from our bodies are considered un-ladylike. Well, get ready all you un-ladylike ladies—because the megagasm is for the woman who is ready to make a ruckus. It is an intense, full-body, and beyond-the-body experience. An enormous tension release occurs, to the point that you’re virtually unable to stand up or think for a while after you’ve had one. I’ve had less than a dozen of these in my lifetime. One was when we were filming my experimental sex film, Sluts and Goddesses. We captured my megagasm on tape, so we were able to time it. It was five minutes long, very intense, and not at all ladylike! My face looked as if I was having a baby. Several women who saw the movie, told me that they’d also had similar kinds of megagasms. So I’m definitely not the only one who has had them.

Ride The Megagasm Wave

During a megagasm it can feel as if there is a lifetime of pent-up emotion bursting free — and it is. You might feel a sensation of being “breathed by the Universe”; your body open with electricity streaming through. You may experience lots of tingling in your hands and lips, your jaw may chatter, and your lover may end up having some kind of contact orgasm too. Just hold on tight, and ride, ride, ride that humongous wild tidal wave of bliss.

Some people get scared of, or are uncomfortable with, the force of a woman’s megagasm—or, for that matter, her other orgasms. Women tell me they feel they have to hold back the full force of their orgasms because their lovers can’t handle it. That’s a crying shame. To begin resolving this issue, I suggest that, when you’re not in bed, you talk with your lover(s) about their fears and concerns. Explain to them how you feel, and that you want the freedom to really be the powerful volcano that you are. (Of course, you have to give yourself that freedom as well.)

Megagasm Memo


It’s rather difficult to describe exactly how to have a megagasm, because women and their lovers are all so different. But here are some notes about megagasms:

Megagasms happen at times in your life when you need to release a lot of energy. You have to be in the mood to have such an intense release. From what I have gathered, megagasms don’t happen all that often. In my experience, megagasms are brought about through very intense physical, sexual stimulation; very hard and fast vaginal penetration combined with really strong and steady clitoral stimulation. Sometimes they can be triggered by “erotic pain,” such as from biting, or stretching the vagina wider.

Some women I know have had their megagasms from ‘fisting.’ Fisting is when someone gets penetrated not just with fingers, but with a whole hand. Then there’s ‘semi-fisting,’ where several fingers and part of the thumb are inside, but not going past the knuckles. The stretching feeling can be really exciting for some folks, and some need that intense stimulation to trigger their biggest orgasms.

Give yourself permission to delve as deeply as possible into your biggest and strongest orgasm. Keep going beyond your threshold, beyond what you thought you were capable of.

To have more powerful orgasms, get in touch with your physical power in places other than the bedroom; practice karate, do Tai Bo, kick boxing, dance wildly, etc. Just a few lessons can have a big impact. Be willing to express your power. Let the lion inside you roar!

Remember; don’t let any of this information make you feel inadequate if you have not yet experienced any of these orgasms. You are at the right place at the right time in learning about your orgasms. Or perhaps you’ve had various kinds of orgasms that I haven’t even touched upon.

Read more in Dr. Annie Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex! Make-Over Your Love Life With One of the World’s Greatest Experts on Sex


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December 21, 2009 at 4:17 am

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