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UFO disclosure falters, as voter ballot and citizen groups move to disclose ET presence

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by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Wikimedia:  Denver – Site of 2010 Voter’s ET related initiative

With the sudden announcement on Friday Dec. 4, 2009 of the closing after 50 years by the U.K. Ministry of Defence of its UFO Affairs desk on the implausible grounds that its annual $73,000 budget is now being devoted to President Barack Obama’s surge in the Afghan war, speculation of imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence by the Obama administration

The U.K. decision, taken in apparent reaction to secret disclosure maneuvering, authoritative citizen-driven ET disclosures and an impeding citizen ET ballot initiative in Denver, Colorado, has had the function of making transparent the underlying reactionary nature of “official” disclosure strategies that are camouflaged components of expansionist military strategies. 

There is evidence that the U.K. and the U.S. governments are co-participants not only in a global expansionist military policy as in Afghanistan, but also in interplanetary military expansionist policies involving secret solar system and galactic anti-gravity fleets.   Evidence of these fleets was uncovered by UFO researcher Gary McKinnon, whom the U.S. government is prosecuting and whose extradition the U.K. government is facilitating in contravention of international humanitarian law.

Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence, and of secret human-ET liaison programs will most plausibly, as they have been in the past, be done by citizen groups or whistleblowers. With the approval of a Denver Ballot Initiative, disclosure may now also be a matter for the voting public to decide.  The extraterrestrials themselves, of course may continue their driving role in ET disclosure, at least for the immediate future.

Obama does not intend ET disclosure now

In hindsight of the U.K. decision, there are multiple reasons why the Obama administration would not now disclose ongoing secret human-ET liaison programs of the U.S. government, some of which have been ongoing since at least the early 1970s. 

For one, the U.S. government is actively prosecuting UFO researcher Gary McKinnon in order to maintain the secrecy of a black-budget funded anti-gravity space ship fleet.

Secondly, ET disclosure by the Obama administration would risk disclosure of top-secret forward U.S. military bases on Mars, serviced by teleportation corridors.  The reality of these has now been revealed by independent whistleblowers.  The Obama administration’s function is to rationalize a covert U.S. government strategy to colonize the solar system militarily.

Thirdly, a leading agency of the Obama administration – NASA – is actively seeking to suppress knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence on Mars and other celestial bodies.

Fourth, unlike President Jimmy Carter, Obama never promised to disclosure during his campaign and has undertaken no good faith effort to disclose the ET presence.  Efforts by this reporter to reach the office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for confirmation of some good faith disclosure agenda have been rebuffed.

Finally, independent sources now confirm that Barack Obama is a life-long U.S. intelligence asset, who began his training in the early 1980s at Columbia University as part of an elite unit training him as a future U.S. president, under Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the Trilaterist Group under David Rockefeller. 

Trilateralist-controlled groups and defense and resource industries have benefited from the decades of the privatization of extraterrestrial liaison programs.  There is no reason to believe that a Rockefeller-dominated complex would engage in public interest disclosure not connected with military dominance and a permanent war economy.

Nuclear disarmament, the Nobel Prize and extraterrestrials

On December 10, 2009 in his Nobel acceptance speech at Oslo Barack Obama is expected to continue a multi-lateral initiative for the elimination of nuclear weapons, a policy that advanced ethical extraterrestrial civilizations have reportedly been urging on the United States since the mid-1950s.

Some exopolitics commentators have speculated that a Nov. 9, 2009 spiral night light in the skies of Norway may be a multi-dimensional omen related to extraterrestrial disclosure.  If the night-light is not the result of a failed rocket attempt nor a celestial phenomenon and is ET-related, it can be interpreted by the context communication theory of extraterrestrial communication.  More likely, if the Norway light is ET-related, it may relate to support of Obama’s nuclear disarmament policies.  Of course, the night-light could be Project Blue Beam-related psyops, designed to cast an ET aura over Obama policies.

This theory holds that ET-related events, such as UFO encounters, may be symbolic communications by the intelligence behind the encounter, to a human public.  The Chicago-O’Hare UFO sighting of Nov. 7, 2006, in which a 20-60 ft. UFO came down over United Airlines Gate C-17, is held, by one analysis, to be such a context communication related to then Senator Barack Obama’s future U.S. Presidency.

Disclosure by ballot: The Denver initiative

The movement towards Extraterrestrial disclosure by democratic, grass roots participation has a major event horizon in the Denver Ballot Initiative, which envisions the establishment of a municipal commission on extraterrestrial affairs by electoral ballot sometime in 2010.  Thus what many entities of the U.S. government have worked to diligently to avoid since 1947 – official acknowledgment of an extraterrestrial presence – has the potential of occurring under Denver, Colorado municipal law at the next city-wide election in 2010.

The potential depends of whether Denver voters actually approve the ballot initiative.

Denver, Colorado has adopted an initiative form of direct democracy for bringing issues to public ballot.  Initiatives and referendums are a form of direct democracy, and a modality by which voters can force voters, or executive or legislative bodies to consider issues they would not otherwise consider.  “The modern U.S. system of initiative and referendum originated in the state of South Dakota. South Dakota adopted initiative and referendum in 1898 by a vote of 23,816 to 16,483. Oregon was the second state to adopt, and did so in 1902, when the state’s legislators adopted it by an overwhelming majority. The “Oregon System”, as it was at first known, subsequently spread to many other states, and became one of the signature reforms of the Progressive Era (1890s-1920s).”

The Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission ballot initiative is an historic landmark in exopolitics – relations between intelligent civilizations. Initiative proponent Jeff Peckman reports that “In a letter dated November 30, Denver City Clerk and Recorder, Stephanie Y. O’Malley, confirmed sufficiency of the petition. The letter [stated] that ‘the Denver Elections Division has found a sufficient number of valid signatures to place the measure on the ballot…at the next citywide election.” 

Peckman continues, “Well over 10,000 signatures were submitted to obtain the 3,974 valid signatures needed. If the voters pass the measure, it would create a commission funded entirely by “grants, gifts, and donations”. The full text of the initiative lists the reasons for creating the commission, along with qualifications and duties of commission members.??“A major task of the commission will be to collect credible evidence that extraterrestrial intelligent beings and their ‘UFO’ vehicles have been visiting Earth. The evidence will then be displayed on the Denver City government web site. The seven regular members of the commission will also try to determine both risks and benefits of interacting with extraterrestrial visitors.”

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