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Witnesses report UFO and EBE incident in Virginia

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Compiled by Albert Rosales, ed.

Location. Stafford, Virginia
Date: 29 August 2007, Time: 11:34 PM

The witness had just let his dogs out in the backyard when they starting going wild. As the older female dog got out the door it immediately ran down the hill as if to attack someone or something. As the witness walked out behind the dog he lit up the area with his handheld spotlight. He then saw what looked to him to be two small, about 4 feet tall beings made out of light that was faint but only around the head and hand areas, as if their bodies were being cloaked by a suit or something. The figures then moved quickly about ten feet down the hill and incredibly then seemed to lean or crawl up into an unseen opening or portal. Again as if they were going into a craft that no shape or colour.

The witness could only describe it as a portal or window like opening, which didn’t emanate any light. The witness could still see that that there was some sort of craft because when it started to move away from the place it was sitting about 2 foot off the ground, it moved the trees as it caused an air turbulence and as it moved you couldn’t see it but you couldn’t see through it or what was behind it, almost like a moving shadow. The witness tried to shine its light on it but it seemed to absorb the light. As it moved away it began to rise up into the sky and then he could make out a shape. Before the small figures entered the craft they looked back at the witness, their eyes glowed softly with a pale blue light, but he could not see any other facial features. The dog stopped barking when the object left. The witness described the shape of the object as spearhead shape about 20ft long and pointed and narrow, wider at the rear.

Reference: NUFORC

About the writer:

Albert Rosales

Mr. Rosales is a veteran researcher on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. He can be contacted using email, LINK  Albert Rosales coordinates LINK

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