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U.S. Scholar on Exopolitics warned of a Global Financial Crisis a decade ago

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by Dr. John Singh


In the report entitled “Typology of Extraterrestrials”, Dr. Michael Salla in 2004, extracted excerpts from Alex Collier’s book Defending Sacred Ground (1997) about the predicted future “destruction of the world economy”. LINK He then alleged that this transformative context would be presided over by clone(s) of a human being, “who will holographically be imprinted with everything, from spiritual truths regarding information about all religions, and metaphysics; and he will come out speaking about all of these great wonders. Collier then alleged that the intent is malevolent; and that this “being will not have a soul: He is not spirit.”

Dr. Salla documents Alex Collier’s representation of entit(ies) with apparent human bodies, but an alien mind, that comprise a creature of artificial intelligence. This alien mind, allegedly functions as a unified ego-driven consciousness that operates like an army of locusts against humankind. Collier elaborates that: “Such a being(s) will “truly be someone who tried to express the truth on the true matters,” but then pursue the seizing of government, in behalf of an alien agenda. Alex Collier is an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials called “Andromedans”.

Sounds farfetched. But, such reports of Manipulative Extraterrestrials that seek to infiltrate human institutions do not stop at Alex Collier’s allegations. Reports of Manipulative Extraterrestrials that have used alleged “shape-shifting”, cloning, and biogenetic manipulations, have been thoroughly documented by indigenous communities. These include the representations of African Elder Zulu Credo Mutwa. David Icke has also alleged such infiltrations of human institutions since ancient Egyptian Kingdoms, based, in part, upon representations of African elders, which include Credo Mutwa.

In the 1930’s, economic destablization created a context for the rise of Nazism. As citizens were brought into economic desperation, Nazi political economic consolidations under authoritarian governance, offered “hope”. Today, Americans and the world are correspondingly being offered “hope”, alongside the similar execution of a militaristic agenda.

It is notable that Adolf Hitler had indeed indicated that his desire to create a “Third Reich” was being guided by regressive aliens.

In the book entitled The Dawn of Magic by Louis Pauwells and Jacques Bergier, first published in France under the title Le Matin des Magiciens (1960), Hitler was documented as having indicated:

  “The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!” exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly… I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.” LINK

At the same time, U.S. investigative journalist Jim Marrs, who has written about UFO disinformation. documents:

  While the United States helped defeat the Germans in World War II, we failed to defeat the Nazis. Utilizing their stolen wealth, men with Nazi backgrounds and mentalities wormed their way into corporate America, slowly buying up and consolidating companies into giant multinational conglomerates. LINK

Jim Marrs in his book entitled The Rise of the Fourth Reich in association with representations by Jim Kirwan, suggests that the prevailing economic crises may be an attempt to recreate the conditions of Neo-Nazi agenda, that in turn had its roots in an alleged alien agenda.

Kirwan alleges an “agenda is to restructure the world economy as a result of a planned economic chaos, that can legitimate the creation of the “global governance” that Obama refers to, which is an apparent pseudonym for the New World Order.” LINK.

Indeed, Nazism cannot be openly offered as a choice to voters in times of “economic prosperity” and ‘peace’. The achievement of conditions favourable for Nazism, requires an identified formidable enemy, that “provokes war”, jingoism, and also desperate population as a result of economic destabilization, toward what Jim Marrs called the “Fourth Reich”.

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December 24, 2009 at 8:37 pm

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  1. Great blog looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tandy Jelen

    January 6, 2010 at 11:38 pm

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