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Witness reports UFO and EBE sighting in Puerto Rico

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EBE/UFO sighting in Puerto Rico

Edited by Albert S. Rosales

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The following apparent UFO and alien sightings took place at about 1:00 am, near Manati, Puerto Rico on 6 November 2008.

The young witness was awakened by his father who told him to follow him outside the house to the other side of a hill next to the house, there gathered the rest of his family all staring at a large teardrop ship craft that was floating just 3 to 4 feet above the ground at about 100 feet in distance.

The craft emitted a loud humming sound. In front of the craft stood a human shaped figure covered in a shiny blue metallic appearing armour-like suit that was carrying a large box-like object on his hands.

The being then placed the box on the ground and it also started floating in midair. The being then scooped up a handful of earth from the floor and placed it inside the box and in an instance the box emitted a bright red beam of light into the air that seemed to travel deep into the space.

The group just waited and stared in awe as the alien figure then picked up the box and walked back inside the object, the craft then took off and disappeared into night sky. They described the craft as having a large shiny bulbous hull. About an hour later the same group of witnesses and others in the area reported seeing additional similar looking ships but apparently larger manoeuvring high in the sky.

Source: NUFORC

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