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Barack Obama honours America’s troops with speech

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  Barack Obama

Comments made by Barack Obama during his Presidential campaign suggest that his vision of a needed “national sacrifice” may be a reference to the need to reinstate a military draft. Would this be achieved by some sort of self-inflicted wound? While John McCain had categorically declared that he was against any such military draft, it appears that the need for “sacrifices ahead” may be a public relation preparations for a draft.

What sacrifices could that be in the context of America’s new pre-emptive war doctrine? Does that have anything to do with the militaristic mechanism of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) in relation to the NAU agenda, that Obama continues do deny actually exists, in spite of the testimony of dissident Congressional representatives?

A draft would be needed in order for the new Obama administration to pursue its apparently desired entrenching of itself in Afghanistan and other areas, with U.S. military resources already stretched to the limit. While the Obama administration talks peace, its continued militaristic ambitions are apparent.

Indeed, in remarks that clearly pointed toward the restoration of the military draft under an Obama administration, then Presidential candidate Obama was attributed to have said during the U.S. 2008 Presidential Election Campaign night that “His job as president would include demanding that the American people recognize an “obligation” for military service. “If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some,” Senator Barack Obama declared.

McCain countered by rejecting the restoration of the draft, voicing support for maintaining an all-volunteer army. LINK Could that be why McCain was less favoured by the Establishment?

Obama said “when young people come in we work them like dogs “..referring to volunteers in his campaign. So now we have a picture of the CHANGE mantra Obama wants to implement? It seems he thinks parents would want their children to participate in this ‘draft’ type environment, and turn off TV’s and “video games”. This is what “Michelle Obama” may have been referring to when she said “he will make sure you participate in his programs.” LINK


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December 25, 2009 at 7:28 pm

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