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Californian uncovers criminal syndicate called Scavengers of Passion

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by Eve Lorgen, MA


The heart of the matter lies in matters of the heart. Our human passions. Current investigative methods struggle to comprehend UFO encounters and alien visitations. As a result, we are left with compartmentalization and confusion regarding alien abductions, and their true motives for interacting with humanity. In Scavengers of Passion, I discuss the importance of alien manipulated love relationships, how to detect them and offer deeper insights into the abduction phenomena. Cases in “The Love Bite” and new findings are brought to light, disclosing the connections between alien and military abductions, possible genetic correlations with human bonding and sexuality. In addition, a basic overview of mind control and conditioning presents us with a design of how an intelligent alien species could control and manipulate our perception of reality. Ancient Gnostic research indicates that our contemporary views of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis may be in need of a revision.


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December 25, 2009 at 8:12 pm

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