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Former NASA consultant offers precious memorabilia for sale

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by Clark C. McClelland, Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida

  Clark C. McClelland
scO, Clark C. McClelland, 56, 1992 seated in the mission pilots station in the Space Shuttle Columbia preparing it for the first Microgravity Laboratory Mission. Year later, the Columbia would be destroyed upon reentry into the atmosphere on February 1, 2002 killing all seven astronauts.

My appeal to you.

Some of you may have read my previous news releases to this wonderful Canadian ‘online’ News Source in the past.

I worked at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center all of my life. That included many, many years of involvement from 1958 to 1992 and launching or witnessing 644 rockets to date. They being the Apollo to the moon, ScO in the Space Shuttle Challenger, Columbia, Atlantis, Discovery, and also including Endeavour.

In 1992, I was called away from my ScO duties checking out the Space Shuttle Columbia, and summoned to a management office in OPF-3.

I had been interviewed, for a higher position, directly into the NASA Astronaut Office and thought it was a successful achievement. What it became was probably the lowest point my life has reached. I was told that I was being released from my position. They took my top-secret, clearance credentials, my private locker, my instruments, my shuttle coveralls, headset, hardhat, etc., and marched me, to the parking lot, under tight security guard.

I was not allowed to say goodbye, to my team-mates of many years. They were in shock, for many days. They ordered me to drive, escorted, from KSC, out the main security gate and not to try and return. I was in deep shock and could hardly drive back to my apartment. It took about three weeks to come to my senses. This was the beginning of great hardships and disappointments, for me it was, total personal destruction. I was in semi-depression.

I launched a website to help inspire awareness about the presence of Extraterrestrials in our solar system and in our universe. LINK

I offer you a rare piece of “Moon Gold” historic memorabilia to all who wish to assist me. I need your help in order to carry on.

Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle.

I am offering a very special piece of memorabilia that I have hesitated selling up to this time. The special item attached to it, was given to me in honour and friendship. I am in need of financial assistance to continue my efforts on YOUR behalf. So, I have no choice.

The item is a framed colour photograph of my friend, former NASA, Astronaut, James B. Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 15 that landed on the moon in 1971. Jim brought me some 24 K gold Kapton Tape that was taken from his Lunar Module after it was apparently cleared by NASA, upon return to earth.

It is available with the photograph attached to the base of the module. I attached a small piece of that gold to the photo, and on the rear is a description of the lunar landing, and my personal vow that it is rare, legitimate, and from the moon. The frames are all of good quality. E-mail any further enquiries. LINK.

Only a post office money order will be accepted for the purchase. Each will be packaged as safely as possible to protect against breakage. Once bought, I cannot accept any returns.

The price list is as follows: 4×6 $US 275.00, 5×7 $US 375.00, 8×10 $US 550.00. Within the United States. All foreign interests will require additional cost for postage.

This is a rare gift for a Spaced Out Husband, or Starry eyed Wife, a Great Spacey Kid, Uncle, Aunt, Sweet Heart, Mother, Dad, great boss, family friend, etc. I need your help.

Purchase by Postal Mail only. Include an email address. Thank you.

Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida
P.O. Box 233
Tavares, Florida 32778

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