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Illegal alien causes controversy in Pennsylvania shopping mall

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Edited by Albert S. Rosales


The following apparent alien sighting took place in the afternoon on 23 September 2008 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania:

The main witness, Barbara, a wheel chair bound retiree had gone to the Century 3 Mall with her husband and as her husband sat on a bench at the mall, Barbara went to the men’s dept in JC Penney. While there she saw a creature that looked like an extraterrestrial.

There was another woman present with her young children. She says they were rushing out of the area. Her son saying, “I want to see” and the mother replying “No you can’t, let’s go now!” Barbara in her wheelchair saw a grey man approximately 4 ½ feet tall, wearing a red/black plaid shirt and blue pants. He was standing by a clothes rack. She saw his profile and then looked away.

When she looked back he was now facing her. She described the figure as male, no hair, grey skin, almond black eyes with a lumpy heavily wrinkled face. She said the face was not human, it looked like an animal. She again looked away because it’s not polite to stare and when she looked back he was gone. She went to the register to ask for security but there was nobody around. She wasn’t afraid and said that he had a pleasant smile on his face. She decided to leave the store because she and her husband were planning to attend a movie.

Barbara tried to tell her husband but he told her to tell him after the movie. Barbara recalled sitting in the dark theatre in the rear by the exit door and every time the door opened, she looked to see if the creature was there. She became frightened and completely forgot about the encounter and never told her husband until about 2 months later. She believes that when the creature was staring at her it made her memory fade away. She only recalled 2 months later after reading a UFO article in the local paper.

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December 25, 2009 at 11:03 pm

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