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U.S. a Partner in Tobacco Control

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by Dr. John Singh

  First Nations used the Tobacco in Peace Pipe to re-affirm our vital spiritual interconnectedness
First Nations used the Tobacco in Peace Pipe to re-affirm our vital spiritual interconnectedness with each other, as human beings, and with Nature.

Tobacco used to be appreciated as both a medicine and as something of a great spiritual significance. You may have, for example, heard of the use of the Peace Pipe among First Nations. Now, through cigarettes, it has become synonymous with a nasty habit, and a cancer-causing agent. But, suppose an aboriginal elder told you that as human beings, we would not have many problems in the world going on right now, if the proper use tobacco was re-integrated in human civilization. You may immediately think that this was absolute nonsense. But, that aboriginal elder would not be referring to the re-engineered and adulterated tobacco that has been apparently mischievously marketed by the apparent operatives of the “archons”. “Archon what?”: You might respond. The experience of First Nations suggest that the use of tobacco has been demonized to serve the agenda of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, that Pagan Gnostics referred to as Archons.

Aboriginal elders and First Nations users of pure organic tobacco suggest that not only does tobacco have medicinal properties, but that its use heightens a spiritual consciousness. This heightened spiritual consciousness that Pagan Gnostics sought to also attain, elevates the human consciousness to a level that appears to “disintegrate” Gnostic-identified archon sought mind control.


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