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North American Union agenda: Canada being sold out to Mexico and the U.S.

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by Allison Wells

  North American Union agenda

As some of you may know, Canada is in the process of aligning its policies with those of the USA. Very quietly. Without public debate. It is all part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP-NAU) signed in Waco, Texas, 2005. This is not a left-right issue — Martin signed the accord, Harper is ardently continuing it. This seems to be a corporate-driven venture.

What does SPP mean for Canadians?

We are in the process of adopting U.S. immigration, security and foreign policy. SPP also commits Canada to supporting U.S.-lead wars on terror and increased military spending. Our military is now led by USA’s NORTHCOM. We now have no-fly lists. We are likely to have to accept fingerprinting and other biometrics. We will be required to treat immigrants and refugees differently.

Our resources will be proportionally shared. Huge areas of the U.S. are short of water. Our government is currently moving toward bulk exporting of water. Oil export will increase (now 63%) due to ‘proportional sharing’.

Lowered environmental and health protection. NAFTA already allows corporations to sue our federal governments when their regulations stand in the way of profit. SPP allows corporations to sue provincial and municipal governments — which is where many safety standards rest.

Loss of democracy — it is intended that Canada, USA and Mexico will merge into a North American Union (NAU), having one currency, the Amero. The Union will be overseen by 10 non-elected corporate CEOs from each country.

Accelerating privatisation of health care and other public services.

We need to consider diverse implications of the SPP-NAU agenda, and their effects for future generations.

If this is new to you, you might consider educating yourself — and your friends and family. Canadians have a right to know what has been is planned for them.

About the writer:

Allison Wells is a writer with downtown Toronto’s The Bulletin.

The Bulletin is an independent community newspaper to inform residents, visitors and businesses in Downtown Toronto. LINK.

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

December 28, 2009 at 9:04 am

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  1. The NAU, must be upon us now. Canada’s Constitution, is decimated. Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from Canadians. Democracy and Freedom, is null and void. It, is obvious, Canadian voices are heard, but, not listened to. One example is the HST, Canadian citizens, protesting against this unfair tax, were totally ignored, that will come about, July 1, 2010, regardless of the protests. The USA, is hammering out a health care plan, for the three country’s. Education, will, be identical, for the three countries. The, new currency, will be the Amero dollar, for the three country’s. Canada, will have to give 60%, of our natural resources to the US. There will be no borders, between the three country’s. The, USA, has, for years, allowed Mexican people to come into the US for decades and decades. Convince me, the US, couldn’t stop Mexican citizens, from invading the US borders, if, they chose to. The, NAU is to take place in 2010, everything is lining up, for that event. The, American citizens, are having their voices unheard, just like the Canadian voices. The only thing that could stop it is, Russia, taking Canada. Russia, wants the arctics, vast resources, and Canada owns a large part of the Arctic. This recession, was engineered, to do, exactly, what it is doing now. Creating chaos and causing citizens to feel unstable, is usually the sign of a takeover. That is what Stalin did, he controlled the food, therefore, he controlled the people, and, millions of Russians, starved to death. And, the word is out there, there will be a global shortage of food.


    January 31, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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