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UFO and EBE sighting in Brazil

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FEATURED ARTICLE: UFO cults, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism/Nazism article, LINK

Edited by Albert S. Rosales


The following apparent UFO and alien sighting Corrego do Salgado, Ceara, Brazil at 7:00 PM, on 2 November 2008.

During a rash of recent sightings in the area three local boys apparently experienced a major event. One of them, aged 6, came to his house with a wound under his right armpit. The boy named Janiel, told his grandfather that a “man with big ears and claws had attacked him and cut him with a sharp instrument.”

It was a small wound however but his story was confirmed by his brother Gilmario and his cousin Jose Felipe who saw the incident as they hid on top of a nearby tree. They watched a large “Frisbee” shaped… [CONTINUED.. see comment below]

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December 29, 2009 at 1:38 am

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