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Witnesses in Serbia report UFO and EBEs

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Edited by Albert S. Rosales


The following apparent alien sighting took place in Zenta, Serbia in the evening on 30 July 2008.

Serbian Radio Stations have been flooded by calls from this town where a cluster of cars leaving the town westward have been halted on the road as two craft identical one to the other landed on the road.

One was covered in a hazy mist and a blue glow, the other one was more visible and cone-shaped with a flat top. The other one hovered and a being described as grey-green in colour, four foot tall with large black eyes a small mouth and no ears floated to earth to a height of merely one metre and then quickly returned to the craft and both then sped off.

Witnesses included two truck drivers, a town manager, and other labourers. The authorities responded to the scene, dispersed the crowd that had gathered.

Local police were claiming what was seen was a set of party balloons, however all witnesses say that was out of the question, since the crafts appeared very sophisticated, hummed, glowed and shot upwards. The humanoid figure reportedly moved like a human. One witness, Alexander Petrovic was quoted as saying, “this was the strangest thing I ever saw and cannot accept that it was a balloon.”

Source: Quoting Newspaper Politica, Serbia

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