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2010 Olympics reprimanded for trespassing on First Nations land

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by Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

On March 4, 2008, a hereditary chief of the Squamish Nation on Canada’s west coast, Siem Kiapilano, issued an eviction notice to the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. Kiapilano ordered them off his land, which encompasses all of what’s now called Vancouver, because of their illegal squatting on his territory for 150 years, and their responsibility for the deaths of thousands of children in their “Indian residential schools”.

As Kiapilano and others posted the eviction notice on Holy Rosary Catholic church in downtown Vancouver, he declared,

“After stealing our land these churches killed our children, and now won’t even tell us where they’re buried. They’ve robbed and murdered us for too long. So I am ordering them off our territory forever.”

Kiapilano’s eviction notice was duly filed in the BC Supreme Court (Docket S036483) and properly served on all three of the churches in question. The failure of the churches to comply with the eviction or reply to it within thirty days meant that, as of April 4, 2008, the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada were illegally trespassing on Squamish Nation land, which takes in not only all of Vancouver but Whistler, and the lands where the February, 2010 Olympics will unfold.

What does this mean?

1. Illegal squatters on someone else’s land can be summarily ejected at any time by the rightful owners. Chief Kiapilano and his people can and should occupy and take over all of the more than 300 buildings owned by the Catholic, Anglian and United churches anywhere on his territory in the Vancouver-Whistler area.

2. The Vancouver police are obligated by the law to enforce Kiapilano’s legal eviction order and evict the church personnel from these buildings. If they refuse to do so, they are aiding and abetting criminal acts.

3. The churches in question must pay Kiapilano and his people back rent owed to them for more than a century, or have their other property and assets seized to cover the unpaid rent.

4. Any persons entering these church buildings without Kiapilano’s permission are trespassing and can be fined or jailed. And any parties using Kiapilano’s land without his permission – including the International Olympic Commission – are committing a crime.

Those are just the bare legal facts. Under the very laws of Canada, every church and office owned by the Catholic, Anglican and United Church in Vancouver has to be vacated immediately, and surrendered to the hereditary Squamish people. And, by extension, every road and building established for the 2010 Olympics constitutes an illegal trespass and a crime.

The broader implications of Kiapilano’s act are staggering. A war has been declared.

When in the same month of March, 2008, Chief Kiapilano authorized me to act as his agent to enforce his eviction order, he gave me these simple instructions: occupy these churches and turn them in to sanctuaries for my people, and for all who suffer; put these churches on trial for their crimes; and help us establish our sovereignty and independence from the Crown of England.

In the period since this commissioning, I and others have kept faith with Chief Kiapilano, and fulfilled our duty.

Our network known as The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared have occupied these churches, opened them to the poor and hungry, and conducted symbolic and practical expulsions of the church from their premises.

We have established an international inquiry into genocide by these churches that now has the endorsement of indigenous groups across North America, Guatemala and the Phillipines, municipal governments in Italy, and thousands of supporters.

And on July 1, 2009, we helped to establish our independence and sovereignty from the English Crown by proclaiming an independent Republic of Kanata in Winnipeg, in league with Metis and indigenous elders. We are now citizens of that fledgling Republic.

Every revolution begins with an idea and a symbol, no matter how small. And Chief Kiapilano helped to unleash that revolution in Canada by simply saying, it is time to end our allegiance to genocidal institutions.

The rest is up to all of us. It is time to live in the light of a new truth, and abandon any persisting mental subservience to Canada and its false jurisdiction, and to the false churches that have served not God, but Empire.

This reality has not caught up yet to even the most “progressive minded” activists, whose actions indicate that they simply don’t understand that we are at war to the death with a regime that is killing our people and our planet.

Why “protest” the Olympics, and continue to pay taxes to “Canada”? Why disapprove of the mass murder of native children by the mainline churches’ residential schools, and continue to rent space from United or Anglican or Catholic churches for various “progressive” events? Why proclaim “solidarity” with native people and refuse to stand alongside Kiapilano when he orders the same churches off his land?

Such cozy accomodation with our enemies allows them to continue their crimes, and literally get away with murder. The very fact that the churches that sterilized and tortured to death innocent children for generations can continue with “business as usual”, unprosecuted and unaccountable, is due mostly to such accomodation by the so-called “progressive middle class” to the criminal conspiracy known as Christian Canada.

Nevertheless, Kiapilano’s eviction of church and state from his land, and the establishment of the alternative Republic of Kanata, has given even the undeserving accomodators a way out of their complicity. And it has given those with nothing to lose a green light to simply take back the land robbed from them, and evict the criminals once and for all.

To do so means to establish our own court and judicial system, in which the guilty and their institutions can be tried and sentenced. This is why part of our work involves publicly identifying and naming the names of those responsible for the torture and death of residential school children, aboriginal women and others, so that they can be tried in future courts of the Republic of Kanata.

Support for our movement is building across Europe and the Americas. In April, a caravan of survivors of the Canadian genocide will take their case to European capitols, to the Vatican, and to the centers of power, to win recognition and justice.

Help us to enforce Kiapilano’s eviction order on the genocidal Catholic, Anglican and United churches. Undertake similar expulsions on your territory, and help establish through your actions the Republic of Kanata, so that the dead can rest, and the living can stand a chance.


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January 5, 2010 at 12:25 am

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