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9/11 linked to EBEs: French author and Fox’s Fringe Show converge

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Fox’s Fringe YouTube video clip: 9/11, Manipulative Extraterrestrials and Parallel Universes

by Alfred Lambremont Webre [adapted and excerpted]

There is empirical evidence supporting the hypothesis that the events of September 11, 2001 (“9/11”), which involved attacks upon the World Trade Center in New York City, and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., may in fact have been a hyperdimensional “false flag operation”. The hypothesis that 9/11 may be a hyperdimensional false flag operation is advanced in HIGH STRANGENESS: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction, a book by France-based author Laura Knight-Jadczyk.  The term “hyperdimensional” means “of or pertaining to a system having more dimensions than naturally found in our universe.”  “False flag operations” are defined as “covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy’s strategy of tension.”

The model of 9/11 which a “critical channeling” research source sets out in Knight-Jadczyk’s book holds that the events of September 11, 2001 were in fact a “hyperdimensional false flag operation”, created with converging planning and involvement of a 3rd density “consortium” of corrupt human military and elites and 4th density hostile reptilian (hyperdimensional) Extraterrestrials. The purpose of this series of investigative articles is to examine the evidence supporting this hypothesis about 9/11.

According to the hyperdimensional model, 3rd density refers to the space-time dimension of reality that we humans conventionally inhabit.  In the 4th density, time is no longer the regulating dimension it is in our 3rd density, and 4th density beings can travel backward and forwards in time, thus facilitating intervention in 3rd density human public affairs.

This series of articles will investigate 9/11 as a possible hyperdimensional false flag event, including the empirical evidence for (1) 9/11 as a false flag operation by a “consortium” of corrupt human military and elites; (2) the use of exotic weapons in the 9/11 false flag operation; (3) the possibility use of hyperdimensional weapons in the false flag event of 9/11; (4) the evidence for joint operations and agreements between a  “consortium” of corrupt human military and elites and hyperdimensional predatory reptilian 4 D Extraterrestrials; (5) how the war crimes network behind the 9/11 false flag event can be brought to justice; (6) how to diminish the destabilizing influence of 4D predatory reptilian Extraterrestrials in human public affairs.

Because of space limitations, this article is limited to evidence for (1) 9/11 as a false flag operation by a “consortium” of corrupt human military and elites.  Other components of this investigative series will be covered in future articles. 

9/11 as a hyperdimensional false flag operation

As elucidated in a previous article, Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s hypothesis is that a predatory reptilian Extraterrestrial group is targeting our 3rd density human civilization with de-stabilizing events such at the false flag operation of September 11, 2001 in order to ultimately replace our present human civilization with a hybrid reptilian race. 

Included in the de-stabilizing targeting operations by predatory reptilian hyperdimensional ETs, is a program of alien abductions sponsored by the 4th density reptilians, and carried out the by 3rd density Gray alien surrogates and black operations of within the military-intelligence world.  By one scientific study, up to 6.3 million Americans, or 2% of the U.S. population has been abducted under this hyperdimensional reptilian ET program.

The 9/11 “hyperdimensional false flag operation” model is consistent with empirical evidence gathered at the crime scenes of the 9/11 attacks.  (1) There is compelling evidence that the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were a false flag operation conducted by a corrupt military and elite international war crimes racketeering network (“consortium”) using advanced exotic weapons, for the purpose of launching an international war of aggression (War on Terror) and imposing a domestic police state (martial law) worldwide.  (2) There is also preliminary evidence of a hyperdimensional involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

If the 9/11 hyperdimensional false flag operation is in any degree factual or true, such a conclusion would have far-reaching implications in any deep analysis of the forces shaping important current world public events, such as the 9/11-inspired War on Terror (2001 – present), and 9/11 inspired domestic police state measures such as the PATRIOT Act in the United States and similar martial law legislation elsewhere.

The 9/11 hyperdimensional model, involving the interaction and coordination of a 3rd density powerful human “consortium” and hostile 4th density Extraterrestrials with whom this consortium has working agreements, also would explain why the mysteries of 9/11 have not been successfully explained to date, either by (co-opted) official investigations, or a community of 9/11 researchers, working world-wide since September 11, 2001, to solve the crimes of 9/11 within a conventional 3D science paradigm.

This exclusive article presents a convergence of science-based evidence about a possible 9/11 hyperdimensional false flag operation not presented elsewhere. The article seeks to investigate new pathways significant step in moving toward a solution of the 9/11 crimes which until now have seemed unsolvable by official bodies, parliamentary initiatives, and a wide, planetary 9/11 research community.

The leaders of the G-20 Nations and most of the other 192 United Member nations and organizations continue publicly to support programs of international wars of aggression and domestic homeland security (police state) measures worldwide by publicly referring to “the terrorist attacks on 9/11” as a pretext. 

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