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Science explores alien abduction phenomena

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Written by thecanadianheadlines

January 5, 2010 at 2:43 am

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  1. This is not the 1st time this type of theory has been put forth…in fact, its more like a repeating theory through out time.
    Mankind, left to its own devices wishes to live mostly in peace…would you not agree, mostly?
    Why then, is the world so repressed with scheme after evil scheme hitting us non-stop from every angle.
    Its at the point where its completely mind boggling.
    When one steps back to look at the bigger picture, it seems that nothing But evil is being forced on humanity.
    Where is it all coming from? – Simple question, right?
    Has anyone ever had a ‘wave’ of pure fear or evil wash over them…like a passing shadow, but nothing was physically around to be seen?
    I will state, that every single person reading this will have nodded in agreement.
    These 4th dimensional beings feed off of our fear, its required to replace the life forces they have chosen to give up…but lets not forget to mention they need to physically eat as well.
    Long ago, the 4th dimensional beings came across our planet, and began to farm us for their ‘living’ needs.
    The human powers that be know this only too well and keep it hidden from us.
    The tens of thousands of missing persons reported each year are those who have been selected by their butchers….so to speak.
    These beings feel they own us, like we feel we own cattle….we are their herd.
    Forget all man-made religions if you can.
    You do Not need an intermediary or translator to go between you and the ONE.
    Yes, there IS an angelic battle going on between Good and evil, and if long ago you witnessed beings from another dimension manifest on this planet, you too would have called them angels, gods and stood in awe.
    All religion is but a deception to keep you away from the truth…and that is, we are the prize to the Victor, either to be set free if light prevails…or physically and spiritually consumed if we keep our eyes closed to the truth and willingly walk into the situations setup for us to succumb.
    Be strong, a warrior…and do not turn or look away from evil when you encounter it.
    Stop it, tear it down, and expose the darkness to the light of truth, in words and deeds.
    We all have memories deep deep down inside from a younger day when the earth was clean and free of evil.
    Yes, we have been here many times before, it is our world to experience over and over again.
    When you do get to the other side, those beings waiting for you are Not there to help you, but rather imprison your essence.
    Do not go towards them or their crafts…seek the center of the universe.
    And though evil may loom up 20 storys tall in front of you, fear not, and they can not manifest into the physical realm and do no harm.
    You hold the key to their destruction, or your own.
    You are Great beings of power…not some evolved slime from a pond as they would have you believe.
    Everything you have been taught thus far in This incarnation…has been a complete lie.
    Search for the truth…and among the multitude of empty shells, you will discover the hidden pearls of wisdom and Truth.
    This is as brief as I can make things for you.
    Turn off these trappings of this world, and seek the Truth.

    A Silent Man

    January 8, 2010 at 6:11 am

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