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Webot revelations: Whistleblowers makes claim on Time Travel and Political Control

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by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Dr. David Lewis Anderson, director of the Anderson Institute, emerged publicly in a two-hour interview on December 23, 2009 to give an extensive account of his time control research.

Dr. Lewis’ public revelations regarding time travel follow disclosures made in August and November by Andrew D. Basiago in interviews concerning his experiences in time travel experiments undertaken by DARPA’s Project Pegasus in the early 1970s.

A Sept. 15, 2009 report derived from the Web Bot predicted that a “planetary whistleblower” would emerge from the current period of U.S. financial collapse.  Clif High, the genius behind the Web Bot, determined that the individual was “very likely” Mr. Basiago, a lawyer from Washington State who is leading a truth campaign to establish that the U.S. defense community achieved teleportation in the late 1960s.  

The report also stated that Mr. Basiago’s crusade would spark a movement, as other whistle-blowers shared with the public previously secret information.

In the scenario predicted by the Web Bot, both Mr. Basiago and Dr. Anderson are whistleblowers who have emerged during the latter months of 2009 to affirm secret time travel advancements by the U.S. government and private industry that may articulate a way out of the current depression via investment in a 21st century infrastructure that would include teleportation and other new energy applications.

Dr. David L. Anderson

The ALTA-Web-Bot report predicts planetary whistleblowers

The Web Bot project uses software to “search the Internet for about 300,000 keywords with emotional context and record the preceding and following words to create a ‘snapshot.’  Through this, the technology is claimed to be able to examine the collective unconscious of the world as a whole.  The data collected by the Web Bot is then analyzed via Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (or ALTA) to discern future trends.

Dr. Anderson sets out 10 types of time control technologies and methods, along with a feasibility analysis of each method.  Among these time control technologies are quantum tunneling, time-warp fields, and wormholes.

Readers can listen to Dr. Anderson’s two-hour interview with Sandra Sabatini by clicking here.

Andrew D. Basiago

“Time travel technology enabled the U.S. to win the Cold War…”

“The technology was also used to brief U.S. Presidents like Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama about their destinies, years before they became President, Basiago claimed.

Readers can listen to the audio archive of the Coast to Coast AM radio program of Mr. Basiago being interviewed by host George Noory by clicking here.

Time travel technology and a positive human future

Both whistleblowers – Andrew D. Basiago and Dr. David L. Anderson – independently emphasize the connection between creating a positive human future and public disclosure of the time travel and time control capabilities that they say that government interests have developed but kept secret, thereby depriving the world of the potential life-advantaging benefits of technologies that manipulate the quantum environment.

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