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Biodemocracy movement inspires social change on environmental issues

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by Andrew Kimbrell

To reverse the rapidly increasing global biopiracy, says the writer, the current regime of bioimperialism should be replaced by international structures based on biodemocracy: recognition of the intrinsic value of all life forms and preservation of their genetic integrity, and recognition of the contributions and rights of source communities.

The brave new frontier of genetic engineering is extending humanity’s reach over the forces of nature as no other technology has ever done. Scientists can now isolate, snip, insert, recombine, rearrange, edit, programme, and produce biological and genetic material. In fact, scientists for the first time have the potential to become the architects of life itself, the authors of an ersatz technological evolution designed to create new species of microbes, plants, and animals that are more profitable for agriculture, industry, biomass energy production, and research than the ones nature gave us.

This biotechnology…

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January 7, 2010 at 5:54 am

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