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Witness reports UFO and EBE abduction invoking organized religion

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Edited by Albert Rosales

Location. (Wilderness area) Canada (exact location not given)
Date: early March 2009
Time: night

The witness who lives alone in a remote cabin one night saw a light outside the window. The nearest town is a few hours away, so of course I was confused. He rarely sees lights outside at night where he lives. So he went to the window, he looked out and saw a “massive UFO”, the craft was huge. As he looked up stunned he began to feel a sense that he was floating. Then the next thing he knew he woke up in a totally white room.

Four beings came out first; they were small, probably 4-5 feet tall with gray skin. (He claims he had never sent these before from previous abductions). But what made this abduction so “special’ was what happened next.

He was overpowered by an unseen force and restrained on a table. He began to scream, telling them that he didn’t want any more experiments done on him.

He tried to struggle and fight, his eyes were closed but when he opened them all the little beings were gone.

The white room began to glow an extremely bright fluorescent blue. Suddenly a being about 6 feet tall appeared right next to him. It had gray skin but some fluorescent blue marks on it, and some ocean blue marks as well. Its eyes were pitch-black with red “veins” running through them. It had an aura coming off it, light blue, dark blue and some other colors.

In his head the witness heard something talking to him, it said, “Don’t worry for I am a ‘God’ and you are protected, soon you will be free.” And then a very bright yellow light blinded him, and the next thing he knew he was outside his cabin in the garden. He felt very afraid.


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January 8, 2010 at 8:10 am

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  1. Thanks for reporting on this, most reports don’t have this much detail. I have served as a missionary in Roswell NM for over 10 years studying this topic (including lecturing and organizing conferences).

    Entities making spiritual claims like this are very common (The recent Contactees book by Nick Redfern or anything by Dr Karla Turner or Dr John Mack are all good resources for documentation of this). Claims such as “we created mankind,” “we are the angels in the Bible” and “we’re here to help you evolve to a higher spiritual plane,” etc are frequent. However, the reports conflict greatly also and there’s a lot of research now to suggest they are merely deceptive fallen angels seeking worship and communion with humans, and placating them with spiritual words soften the torment they inflict.

    Interested parties, may view my recent DVD lecture “ET’s Message” that covers this in detail for free online at my site

    More proof that these are fallen spirits is found in the fact that they flee when Jesus’ name is invoked; see the online video by Joe Jordan of MUFON at

    Guy Malone
    Roswell, NM

    Guy Malone

    January 8, 2010 at 8:17 pm

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