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New Zealand author announces 101 winning strategies to happy customers and healthy profits

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Edited by John Stokes  

Never before in the history of business have consumers had such unfettered access to information on products, services and the companies that manufacture and deliver them. This wealth of information provides consumers with a magnitude of choices and negotiating power never before dreamt of by previous generations. The shift in power from corporation to consumer has created a new breed of customer…the vigilante. No longer prepared to play by the established rules of business, they play by a new set…their own.




This book is designed to help businesses understand what the new rules of customer service are and how to develop strategies, systems and procedures to win back these ‘vigilante’ customers. The simplicity of the book illustrates the fact that customer service is not rocket science and that delivering service excellence has more to do with people and attitude than it does with having to invest squillions in the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. 

It’s about how and why the little things make the biggest difference. 

It’s also about how global trends and technology are increasing the demands and expectations of customers and how all businesses, from local suburban stores to multi-national corporations, can capitalise on these changes. 

“I have known and worked with Graham Harvey for over fifteen years. He is a dear friend, a great teacher and completely dedicated to the people he serves. Graham knows what he is talking about and practices what he preaches.” 
– Robert T. Kiyosaki 

Author of The New York Times Bestsellers 

Rich Dad Poor Dad™, and the Rich Dad’s Series 

“Graham Harvey has gone far beyond presenting a barrel of perfunctory techniques, tips, tricks or tools for humanising the customer service experience. With humour, he has delved deep into his wealth of experiences as a professional speaker, vision coach and marketing futurist to powerfully illustrate fundamental attitudes, beliefs, understandings and values that can champion your business be it a small, local company or a large multi-national corporation. 

‘Seducing’ is a term that raises many different, yet enticing and positive connotations in the mind, and the book itself is equally refreshing, exciting and informative. Graham has written an eminently readable, usable, delightful handbook of modern business wisdom. 

Seducing the Vigilante Customer is essential for all who are concerned with excellence in customer care; customers, company workers, self-employed, students of business and leaders of industry be it small or large.” 

– Dr. Laurence Dickie 

School of Management 

Curtin University of Technology 

“A rule of business is to look at what most others are doing and do something different, particularly in service. Graham has identified 101 different things that will put your business light-years ahead of your competition by attracting “happy to buy” customers…(without being an attack dog!!)” 

– Blair Singer 

Author of SalesDogs® 

“Many professionals in their own practice fail to understand they run a business…much to their detriment. I believe any professional in business who reads this book and follows Graham’s recommendations will see a significant and positive impact on their profitability and professionalism.” 

Michael Tunnecliffe Ph.D 

Author of Risky Practices 


New Zealand born Graham Harvey is a Western Australian based professional speaker, marketing futurist and vision coach. For the last fifteen years has worked with a multitude of companies and organisations throughout the Asia Pacific region helping them grow their business by achieving greater clarity of future, building high performance work teams, and developing cutting edge customer relationship management and marketing strategies. 

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