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Mostly Rare African Studies books become available for auction and excite collectors

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by John Stokes

The following books are available.  Minimum pledges are noted beside each African Studies titles.

Black South African Women: Plays: ISBN: 1919713158, $49.00
Table Mountain [South Africa]: A Natural History: ISBN: 1874950431, $129.00
A common Hunger to Sing, ISBN: 0795700644, $49.00
South Africa’s Radical Tradition Vol I, ISBN: 0799216135 $10.00 [book cover sticker mark] $19.00 [other copy without mark]
A Place Called Home: ISBN: 1919713182 [2 copies. $47.95 each]
Managing for Excellence: ISBN: 0702152021, $19.00
Vocational Skills, ISBN: 0702138878, $19.00
Telecommunications in a changing South Africa, ISBN: 1919713190, $69.00
African Cultural and Economic Landscapes, ISBN: 0865437076, $15.00
The Making of an African King: ISBN: 0865437173, $15.95
Photography in South Africa, ISBN: 1919713344, $69.95
The Courage to Lead [South Africa], ISBN: 070215171, $19.00
Across the Footsteps of Africa, ISBN: 0865436401, $17.95
Islam and the Politics of Resistance, ISBN: 086543753X, $19.95
Women of Africa on Film, Video and TV, ISBN: 0865437130, $59.95
The Prodigal Husband, ISBN: 07957008657 [ 2 copies] $69.00 each
Kortboy: A Sophiatown Legend: ISBN: 0795701012, $69.00
I, A Living Arrow: Young South African Writing: ISBN: 0795700733, $75.00
Looking back and Reaching Forward: ISBN: 1856498204, $149.00
The Painful Demise of Eurocentrism: ISBN: 08655437432, $15.00
Post Colonial Identities in Africa: ISBN: 1856494160, [ 2 copies ], $129.00
The Making of an African King: ISBN: 0865437173, $15.00
At the Rendezvous of Victory: ISBN: 079570093, $129.95
Miscat: Negotiating the Presence of the Bushmen: ISBN: 0799216526, $249.00

Please feel free to ask any additional questions


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February 25, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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