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Oklahoma witness reports UFO and EBE

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Edited by Albert Rosales

Location. Hugo, Oklahoma
Date: December 12 2009
Time: 4:00 pm

The witness mother was sitting on the living room couch talking with her husband and her 8-year old son was in the front yard when she saw flickers of an orange glow reflecting off a box on the porch, through the living room window.

She opened the door to see what it was when she saw her son standing past the end of the east side of the house, staring at the porch. She asked him what he was doing and what was going on. He walked quickly over to her and proceeded to tell her what he saw. He was crying and shaking and very scared. He said he saw a dark figure with really big, dark eyes, with an orange glow all around it. He said it looked like it was floating just a little off the ground, came from behind her car and went next to the house and turned and looked at him. He said it then floated higher, and was about the height of the Christmas lights hanging on the porch. He said it looked at him. He slightly turned his head and closed his eyes briefly because he was scared. When he looked back it was gone. He said whatever he saw was about as tall as he is (about 4 feet).

He said he couldn’t see its legs and its arms appeared to be straight down beside its body. He said its face was very dark and its eyes were really big and a slightly different colour than the face. He said it glowed all around it.

The mother estimated that her son had been 40 to 50 feet from the entity, given where he was and where he said he saw it. They have dogs in the back, but they did not bark at all. However when she called her husband out to tell him what happened and to look for it, her small house dog came out and immediately started smelling the ground where her son said the entity had been floating.

Source: NUFORC

internet site reference:  LINK

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