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Pennsylvania witnesses spot EBEs and UFOs

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by Roger Marsh

The “Exploring Site 516” documentary will begin very soon – but I continue to offer background here to interested readers before we begin.

In my introductory story – Exploring Site 516 – strange creatures, UFOs and odd phenomena on a Pennsylvania mountain top – I mentioned the family members who live at this location and briefly touched on the odd experiences occurring there. We also got a look back in time at an event that happend to Dan and Alice’s daughter, Sarah, during a New Year’s Eve party in 1998.

What first interested me in the property was the diversity in paranormal experiences there – ranging from unknown creatures lurking about, UFO activity hovering just overhead, strange footprints – and stories that cause you to think of alien abduction, Mothman, Big Foot, and the possibility of a doorway into another dimension.

Sounds a bit like Hunt for the Skinwalker – the excellent 2005 book by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp – that follows the scientific study of a Utah cattle ranch under high paranormal seige.

Photo: Our team stops to observe unusual movements in the adjacent wooded area; but the perceived anomaly turned out to be a stray balloon.

If you’ve never read this book – pick up a copy today – it’s a neat look at how even a well-funded paranormal team can fall short of absolute evidence. It’s a place where paranormal activity is occurring nearly right in front of your nose – and yet no camera captures the moment for network television. But indeed, the paranormal played out, despite well intentioned explorers on the ready to say, “Ah, ha…caught you.” Read between the lines as you read. Don’t be let down by the book’s lack of real evidence – it’s possible that it just can’t be captured. I found that I couldn’t put the book down.

I spent several days at Site 516 a few months back, getting to know the family there, and walking the land. Our EVP sessions – led by Paranormal Investigator Ernie Delp – produced several hits.

Photo: Ernie Delp during an EVP session.

While you want to play the mean grade school teacher and scream – “sit up straight, stop mumbling, and speak in complete sentences” – EVPs rarely yield more than a single word or a phrase. But even that I find strange.

We will also explore the UFO activity we experienced there – with many photos to back up what we saw. Our next investigation there this spring or summer, will step up the UFO photography and include our attempt to rule out any man-made or natural phenomena.

Photo: Crew members, from left, Charles, Jonathan Beucker, and Michael Rambacher, during an EVP session.

The family says that UFO activity is typically directly overhead, although sometimes at a short distance of just a few miles. What we saw one evening was a few miles out – but the light and shape, its hovering ability, and other movements – led us to believe that we were not looking at something man-made. But still, we have to rule out many more avenues before we declare the activity paranormal. We hope to do that in the next round.

There are many stories told about this property from the two families who live there today. Here is a more recent encounter, again from Dan and Alice’s daughter, Sarah – and again, in her own words.

Photo: A camera is put into place on a tripod to capture UFO activity.


It was the night before deer season started. I went to bed. There was a lamp on the table next to the bed. I went to sleep.

I sat up to check to see how much longer I could sleep before the alarm would go off. I laid down with my back to the table with the lamp. Within seconds my body was completely paralyzed. My eyes were the only thing I was able to move. I started looked over to the bedroom door, and was horrified by what I

On the wall was a large shadow of an alien figure. Big head, small shoulders and long arms. I was drenched in sweat, and was shaking. I kept yelling for someone but nothing would come out. I have an bionic implant in my back that has wires that run to sixteen different spots in my spine. This whole area was burning.

Because of the light being on the table that was behind me, we are guessing that it must have been standing in front of the light next to my bed looking toward my back. When I woke up out of this trance, I looked at the clock and it was 3:33 a.m. I was very frightened by this because it was like nothing I have ever seen before.

I have seen spirits and shadow people all my life and this was nothing like those experiences. I haven’t see anything since.


More notes and stories soon from Site 516 before we release the documentary.

Photo: Site 516 family members stand with Tremont Avenue Productions crew and paranormal investigators for a group shot.

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