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Economic Management is About How People are Able to Live

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by Horace Carby-Samuels

As we go about our lives each day, we usually look upon ourselves as being normal and responsible persons. Therefore, we hardly give any thought to the guidance system that we draw on, as we make our decisions, about what we should do next, or about how successful we have been in what we have already done.

We also hardly pay attention to the fact that the bulk of the decisions which we make (about how and where we apply our efforts), emerge out of the guidance of the capitalist system of education and socialization, which seduces (and some would say to sucker) us, into making decisions about our lives, guided by how our wealth and financial position will change. Yet, as mortal humans, it is at targets in survival that which we should aim; because the cash-centred appraisal emphasis effectively places us in the fast track, on the road to our utter destruction (as Conscious and responsible social entities. What we need instead, is a revised appraisal focus which is oriented at how we live, rather than at how profitable commerce has been. That is because, to humans as Conscious entities, successful living means opportunities to commit our time, our efforts, and our resources, in ways that will enable the time-path (of the decisions that form) our lives as an economic space, to be more meaningful.

Some background

The prevailing Western system of formal and informal education, has conditioned us into a capitalist socialization; which has primed us to look upon our available time, as an opportunity to secure more spendable money. The message is that with such success, we may then be able to purchase more of the “trinkets”, or more of the “services” that we see ourselves as “deserving”, (and that the corporations will be offering for sale to us at a profit).

Members of the society are also conditioned to commit their time and effort to developing skills for which the earners of profit will offer high financial compensation, as the key to their economic success. However, if we put a high value on the evolution of human Consciousness, we must not allow ourselves to be seduced by the capitalist technique of leading us to guide our lives, according to the level of opportunities for financial gain that are offered. Instead, we need to see that our economic management choices, are not separate from our efforts to develop an informed Consciousness of ourselves, and of our natural environment (and how it functions).

As Conscious humans, we will be on the path to achieving effective economic development when we recognize that over any space of time, our economic achievement is not merely the flows of money (equivalent) value from our efforts or from buoyant commerce. Instead, in our respective societies we need to come to recognize that effective economic output, arises as enhanced verifiable understanding, together with flows of material outcomes in behalf of our survival in the natural environment at hand. Recognition of these economic management facts, will allow us to be better able to place ourselves in, as well as to join with any prevailing empathy-linked cosmic intelligence or reality.

 If we begin to focus on achieving a higher level of awareness about our cosmic reality/existence, that offers a superior economic development prospect, than any commerce-centred outcome to which capitalist economic development management is committed. Capitalist doctrine merely offers us opportunities to be more successful chasers after money, and technological “goodies”. At th same time, that doctrine is systematically structuring strategies of education and socialization, with the aim to destroy the evolution of our human Consciousness.

 Meanwhile, as we go about our daily lives we all respectively have self-images which we seek to maintain or to cherish. We go about doing so, with the use of the resource management operations to which we commit. Additionally, a complex society presents persons with opportunities to enter into a variety of trades in order to acquire the variety of goods and services which they see themselves as needing, so as to confirm, support, or maintain their self-images. Additionally, the convenience of money smooths the execution of these trading operations.

However, long before money of any sort, was either created or decided upon, humans have been daily executing another important set of non-commercial trades. These involved how persons budget the commitment of their time (among different mixes of activities) in their aim to give quality features to the experience-in-living at which they respectively aim.

Accordingly, whereas capitalist economists focus on the money economy and on the mixes of trades out of which financial earnings arise, there has also existed the real economy, where exchange for money is not involved, but where persons made decisions about alternative activities to which they will commit their time.

There is also the additional feature that ever since humans developed a sense of sentience of themselves (as a component in a larger reality), they also became conscious of the fact that they are heirs to a latent cosmic linkage; and in acknowledgement of that linkage, humans began to bury their dead From their observations about how the natural environment responded to their efforts, humans also evolved a respect for informed awareness. They also came to recognize that their choices of how and where they allocated their time, would trigger a path to information which would allow them to subsequently reconnect to their latent cosmic linkage, which their ancestors had recognized.

That commitment to time-use management in which humans participate, is the substantive real economy in the form of their opportunities for time-use selection, and for being able to access preferred mixes of time-management choices and operations as they go about living their lives. Furthermore, under their ancestral heritage, humans have also framed living-centred efficiency considerations that they apply to the process of selecting and making their time-use commitment and management operations.

For example, humans saw that in order to repeat technical results, they needed to better understand what was occurring. Historically, therefore, they began to link their ability to satisfy the quality-of-living targets (which they were aiming to pursue under the guidance of their sentience and their Consciousness), .was also linked to their effectiveness in enhancing their understanding their natural environment and how it operated..

Historically, therefore, humans have been aiming to secure the type of Human Development, in which they will be able to better survive materially, and at the same time gain enhanced understanding of their natural environment (and its autonomous rules of operation). In addition, they began to view their attainment of Human Development and an expanding of their latent cosmic linkage, as being parallel operations..

However, how people are able to live in in concert with their natural environment, is not an outcome on which capitalist economists focus in their appraisal of economic performance.. Instead, these capitalist analysts are (effective) agents of the alien consciousness which is hostile to the evolution of human consciousness, and that instead, is aiming to condition humans to keep focusing on the financial gains, as their attainment targets from their selections of time and effort commitments.

It is the ancient Gnostic scholars who had provided to us the warning about a hostile and predatory alien consciousness (such as that which is behind the promotion of capitalist doctrine) which is operating among us under various masquerades. This information was recently reported on, by John Lamb Lash (2006) in his book Not In His Image; (Chelsea Green Publishing Company).

Evidently, the prevailing predatory, hostile, alien consciousness which is behind the capitalist doctrine, aims to divert humans from including in their economic decisions (about how and where to commit their efforts), features in aup0port of their targets in Consciousness enhancement. However, our opportunity to secure a high quality-of-living, can be achieved only if we are able to use our time and effort commitments to enhance our level of understanding and awareness about our natural environment and about how it functions.

When the capitalist doctrine (as well as organized religion), operate to socialize persons to use monetary results, to orient, as well as to judge the success of their economic management efforts, these institutions are certainly not promoting Human Development objectives.

Meanwhile, the English neo-classical economist Alfred Marshall, in his 1890 book Principles of Economics, had pointed to the presence of more than monetary results at which humans aim their economic management efforts. He stressed that when people decided to change jobs, their decision was guided by their expectation of how their real income would change, rather than by what their expected money income would show. Yet, by virtue of their allegiance to the predatory alien consciousness behind the capitalist doctrine, Western economists have been systematically suppressing the recognition of the living-related results (in the form of options to make their time-use meaningful), that had influenced the real income observation of Alfred Marshall

Current Reality

Capitalist economists primarily focus features that buoy up the money economy where financial profits are made. They aim to get us to focus only on financial level of commerce. that arises from how the resources that exist in our natural environment are being used. As a result, they dismiss the objective economic validity of measurements of resource usage and of the outcomes from trade that are stated in other than a money-equivalent weighted terms. Not surprisingly, therefore, the economist Milton Friedman argued that, the real income (about which the neo-classical economist Alfred Marshall was speaking), is no more than the money income [of these persons], which they had [implicitly] adapted to accommodate for changes in price levels, that are due to inflation.

However, unquestionably, it is NOT any expectation of their being able to secure more money in the future, which has historically lead persons to reject suicide as being either a proper or a desirable course of time-use-commitment. Meanwhile, under the inspiration of the prevailing hostile alien consciousness, capitalist economists have used clever analytical ploys and tactics, to report the trade and exchange operations of persons as being no more than portrayals of financial-equivalent arrangements.. Yet, humans have been executing the real economy and its non-cash arrangements, ever since their first glimmer of sentience. Furthermore, as thy proceeded to manage how hey allocated their time, they recognized that the extent to which they could enhance their verifiable information about how their environment works, also contributed to their real income, and also to the understanding that would enable them to re-establish a cosmic linkage; (on their way to achieving Human Development).

Accordingly, Horace Carby-Samuels (2006) presented the book Quality-of-Life and Human Development as the Outcome from Economic Progress: (Agora Cosmopolitan Publishing; ISBN 1897036353), where he elaborated on that background. He stressed that, toward achieving their quality-of-life targets in the real economy, humans allocated their time (for living) among a mix of three categories of (not mutually exclusive) time-use operations. These time-use operations, comprise Subsistence-securing Operations/Activities; Meaning-Search Operations/Activities; and Rest and Recreational Operations/Activities.

In contrast with the capitalist focus on human economic reality, Carby-Samuels pointed out that securing Human Development, is the supreme economic achievement which Conscious humans seek (from the commitment of their time and their resources), in the natural environment at hand. He also emphasized that, in their aim to secure a high quality-of-living, (as the focus which is consistent with our ancient cosmic roots); and also toward securing Human Development, respective humans apply a living-centred economizing rule to appraise the appropriateness of their effort allocation patterns in the time-space which forms their lives..

In this non-cash focus on human (as compared to corporate) economic achievement, humans as Conscious entities, are seen as aiming to maximize the meaningfulness of their decision to remain alive. The capitalist tactic of using programs of formal and informal education, to condition humans to focus primarily on financial results, should therefore be recognized as being particularly pernicious.

In particular, when capitalist doctrine has seduced governments to use changes in financial accounting of economic output to indicate the pertinent changes in resource interface to which the members of the society have been exposed, information about the opportunities for Human Development among members of the society., will not be available to these governments. Instead, the economic development programs of such governments will promote a commercial, self-centred, fee-for-service exploitive trade, that is indifferent to the principles of empathy and mutuality (which should exist between civilized human beings).

Currently, therefore, even though the continuing world-wide downturn of production and trade was generated by disingenuous profit-seeking schemes (in the banks and near banks in the United States), the economic management plans of Western governments. represent back to promoting the profit interests of the large banks and the large corporations. Not surprisingly, too, the capitalist advisers, who are behind the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Program of President Obama of the United States, are doing what capitalists normally do. They are principally promoting programs that will bring the commercial banks and the large corporations back into flourishing financial profitability.

The capitalist advisors of President Obama, what happens to the real income (that is, to the living-centred opportunities that become available to he members of the society, as they manage their time for living), is not an economic management priority on which the government should focus. Similarly, at the so called annual World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, the living-centred opportunities that are open to people, are not seen as a priority indicator of economic attainment .

Correspondingly, the so called G8, G20, or G?, conferences of world leaders, are not about how economic and political management in a society, may foster or promote the opportunities of persons on the planet to gain access to Human Development. Rather, these meetings and conferences are about developing mutually respected techniques and administrative regimes, within which capitalists may legitimately pillage the natural resources of the planet, toward the generating (in the name of economic development) more financial profit for their associated corporations and banks in these countries.

The remedy Route

Before any remedy can be developed, it is necessary to fully recognize and appreciate the substance of what comprises a trade environment. For example, it must be particularly borne in mind is that trading is a privilege which human societies have protected, and have fought wars to do so. In addition, to co-ordinate the execution of that trading privilege, people in their respective societies formed governments, and have then gave these governments supervisory powers, to preserve and to police trade-related matters

What must be remembered is that substantively, an economy jointly embodies and portrays administrative as well as production and exchange activity relationships. These are intended to be the initiatives that persons take in their strategies to manipulate the components of their natural environment, in their search to get mixes of results which they desire from how they allocate their time and their other scarce resources.

In conjunction with their system of governance, persons in their respective societies developed money, to facilitate their interpersonal and their inter societal trading patterns.. However, humans were undertaking effective trading (in how and where they commit their efforts), long before the invention of fiduciary currency (of the sort in which capitalist banks now deal). However, the commercial economy, where items are produced and are traded primarily to secure net financial-equivalent results. out of their market exchanges, and their fee-for-service operations, is not the only existing one..

That is because, as a result of what humans have learned over their evolutionary history, they aimed to achieve targets in understanding, and therefore to to achieve targets in Human Development as a result of how they manage the commitment of their time.

Accordingly, to continue that historical desire to achieve Human Development, we will therefore need to return our focus to our historical awareness that the real economy is where we live, and is also about how we manage the flow of the time that forms our lives, (if we aim to better understand our environment, and also to achieve Consciousness enhancement).

We therefore need to begin to free ourselves from the capitalist tactics to divert our attention to commercial (equivalent) success. We must not succumb to the capitalist “poisoning” of our sensibilities, in its aims to lead us to behave primarily as chasers after money, which we may then use to purchase the ware that are offered for sale to us by profit-seeking corporations..

Additionally, we need to demand that our governments should accept their responsibilities to begin to foster our survival (and the quality-of-living patterns that embrace the real economy). Therefore they will need to put in place a number of initiatives. They will first need to restrain the free-wheeling privileges that the commercial banks now enjoy. In particular, governments that are committed to foster qualityu-of-life enhancement must put a significant crimp on the deposit-reserve ratios, on which these commercial banks now operate.

Governments, will also need to stipulate ownership rights which will ensure that the non renewable resources of the society are available to service the quality-of-life needs of the members of the populace, rather than made accessible to be used primarily in behalf of the financial profit targets of the commercial banks and large corporations.

Americans who awaken to the recognition of their heritage as Conscious entities (who are in search of the requisite features to enhance their quality-of-living), should resist being mentally subjugated into the capitalist “plantation”, where they are accommodated as financial-seeking “serfs” who are under the implicit control of an alien consciousness. Therefore , Americans should t require that their president in his Economic Reconstruction and Recovery package, should include an emphasis on promoting the real economy, and also the quality-of-living opportunities that lead to Human Development as an outcome.

The economic management emphasis of the American president, (and also that of the heads of other Western governments) should be primarily about promoting, or about shoring up the access of members of the society to time-use opportunities that make for a higher quality-of-living. Therefore, in his Economic Reconstruction and Recovery packages, President Obama should accommodate the corporations and the banks, as being nothing more than respective legitimated economic service sectors. These service sectors, should be seen as having been given the privilege to operate (as technical infrastructure), in behalf of facilitating the quality-of-living targets of the members of the society as they pursue their (Consciousness-linked) objectives in Human Development.

Against the background of the potential for living-centred quality-of-life enhancement, the aim of capitalist doctrine to lead persons to look upon living, as being all about the opportunities for them to chase after, and to acquire more “spending money”, is pernicious. The capitalist doctrine should therefore be recognized as the humanity-destroying force that it is. intended to be.


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March 8, 2010 at 9:18 am

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